Weight Advice for Women
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Dr. Carrie Louise Daenell shares advice for women who are living healthy lifestyles and Have a healthy diet, but gain weight every decade.


I work in my practice with women that are fairly educated, motivated, and they take good care of themselves, and when I take their lifestyle and their diet history I think, "You’re doing everything right," and they say, “Yes, but I am gaining weight. What is that about?” It sounds like a superficial thing, but it actually has a huge affect on a person if that’s not where they want to go, and it doesn’t make any sense to them. I have looked and looked in the hormonal sphere, because I do really specialize in that area, for the answer to this problem because it seems to come on during those hormonal change years; I have never found it there. What I found is that it’s all about cellular energy. As we age, our body takes hits, our cells take hits from stress, from toxicity, from getting through the day, and all those days added up over time reduces our body’s ability to produce the important energy component in the cell called ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, that’s the money that I talked about earlier. Every cell and most of the functions in the cell need ATP in order to do all of their healthy functions at a normal level. When they don’t have enough ATP, they’ll survive but they won’t thrive, and that applies to the metabolism as well. You might remember when you were 8 years old when you would run up the hill because it was in front of you or you could have a big bowl of ice-cream every night before you went to bed and you’d wake up and no changes in your weight. That’s not true as we age. So the difference between now and then is that we had all the ATP our cells could want, and as we age we have less and less of an ability to come up with that ATP. So what happens is that I started working with an "intervention triad" I call it, or three important nutritional supplements that women can take that will support in different ways, the end-product which is more ATP in the cells. There are pretty much no downsides to doing this type of work. There’s no speed involved, there’s no blood pressure change involved, no heart rate change involved, nothing risky like that, just core level strong vital energy, a healthier metabolism and a better quality of life. It’s much easier to keep a healthy weight balance along those lines.