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Wedding Advice: Wedding TV visits Little Bevan Children’s Wear to give you an idea for how to dress the little ones for the big day. From Page Boys to Flower Girls, there’s ideas for all. The big advice? Keep it simple!


Let me talk to you through some of our pieces. These are some of the samples of that we keep from the couture collection, and so these gives a little idea for someone who is coming and who doesn't quite know what they need, but if things that we can do for them. Someone might come in and have a total idea of it, they have base these details they want to pick up in that dress, and then we can actually work that as the design and sit down and draw pictures with them, or we can go through and suggest some ideas ourselves. Because I suppose my general style is fairly clean for children, but they just end up looking so sweet themselves, you don't really need too much. We've also done a few pieces which are less full in the skirt, so this is really good for someone who is a little bit older. In softer fabrics, this would be in a silk crepe, so it's got more flow and twirl as she is dancing around in the party at the end. You know, it will really dance with her, it can make her feel a little bit more grown up. We did something similar to that again slightly for this, slightly older girl who might be 8 or 10, something a little bit more open, a little bit more figure hugging, put then a very soft and flowing skirt. And these are the things you can choose also, this is a silk satin, so has that lovely sheen, what they just love. Color wise, I also want to just point out that we can get this fabrics in lots of colors. So this was a lovely ice blue which was quite a good alternative for winter, rather than a very typical richer colors, which are still gorgeous in themselves. But it gives a good option. We decided on this one just to have these little flowers, which we have just appliquéd on, we made on the fabric appliquéd on, but what we can do, is lots of different ideas And she, this girl in the ice blue, she matches brilliantly with the little boy who - we did a little ice blue waistcoat for. I am very particular about boys waistcoats, because they often wear them, typically they wear them without a jacket. So then you see the back and the back of the little girl's is so brilliant with a bow, but we do a little bow to the boys at the back of the waistcoat too. That ensures also that it fits and give a little bit of curve in the back of his back, and say, it gets a little bit of swagged, which is cool. Leading onto winter, we've also been thinking about ways to keep warm, and obviously this is one of the nicest ways to do it. And it's really soft and fluffy ,and this is a really lovely thin fur that we use. We line it in satin, you could always have a contrast color satin ribbon to pick up, a color maybe in the sash of the dress, so it always ways of tying in a whole wedding party. So also, thinking about winter bit to be a little bit more covered up. We have done velvet capes. We can get them in different colors. We can have them in rich navy blue as well, or something. And then this is really soft, and so velvet. It also has flow, so it goes really well with the soft crepe with the dress underneath, and can just keep it cozy, but look really gorgeous. We've used the velvet also for little boy's meandering collar waist coat, which give a little bit of more formality to as a classic waistcoat. So here it's all nice and high up around his neckline, he can look very tidy for the whole occasion. We have continued to put this bow at the back to give a little bit of detail, and this would be lovely just with some ivory silk trousers or some ivory corduroy, and keeps it all wintry too.