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Wedding Advice: The Greatest Sex Tips in the World author Julie Peasgood talks to Kate Weston about her sometimes explicit book


Kate Weston: I’ve got your new book here. This is The Greatest Sex Tips in the World. It is looking a bit explicit. Julie Peasgood: Its much franker than I intended it to be when I first started writing it but that just seems to be the way to go the be as honest as possible, really. Kate Weston: How come you're now an author? Julie Peasgood: Okay, it happened because I’m also a presenter. So, I was presenting a gardening program with a gentleman colleague, does get there, with a gentleman called Steve Brookes, who originated the greatest in the world series. He’d started it a book about his specialty, gardening, The Greatest Gardening Tips in the World. That had been a big success so he’d—sort of diversified into different authors, different titles and The Greatest Cookery, DIY, podcasting, personal success. So at the end of the day’s filming, I said, so who’s written the greatest sex tips in the world? And after, he said, are you offering because I’d love you to do it and I thought it was a joke at first Kate. I know, and I wake up the next day and thought, I probably won’t hear anything again and he called and I said well, I have written, I had a column in the Express and I’ve done a sort of beauty, lifestyle, travel articles. So let me send you some sample tips and then commissioned me. Because I wanted him to know what he was getting. And luckily he did commissioned me and there it is. Kate Weston: If some about you is half being art in, will that count as a few years, you know, the sparks gone out to, I love life and everything, what would be your top tip really for it getting—bearing again. Julie Peasgood: Okay, I think something that I know that I’ve got personal experience obvious is flirting again because it’s very easy to forget how to do that. And one of the seminars I attended, it said, let’s send a sort of naughty, quite a dirty text to your love one and the first I thought, I felt a bit pedestrian to tell you the truth, a bit mild, so I sent the—basically the filthiest text I could do to my partner. Kate Weston: She could’ve made sure you get the right number. Julie Peasgood: That some of the tricks. Double check your number and the response I got back from him was wonderful and it was really good. We exchanged this texts, we’ve been together, 11 years and that kind of text that we might have done it first and that was a wonderful build up, lots of anticipation. So that was good. And I would also say, don’t forget about sort of getting variety if your normal style is quite soft and submissive, try being a bit dominant try just injecting a few changes, abandon practicality in favor of passion, you know, jump in the shower with your clothes on., a few crazy things. You know, take a few risks. I mean, I think it might dividends. And don’t forget to allow time, we forget to allow enough time, you know, that we do it first and that’s something that’s really important.