Wedding Planning Ideas Water Decor
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Wedding experts show you creative ways to use liquids in your ceremony and reception decor.


Wedding Planning Ideas Water Décor Elysium Productions Host: When it comes to your reception water can be the highlight of your décor. J Patrick: Walking into a reception site and seeing tables set with submerged floral and candle light, all of a sudden has a full elegance to it. There’s something that jus with the water, with the reflection with the crystal all of it coming together says that, this is going to be an evening of elegance. Carla: For me water is very clean and refreshing and it’s a little different it’s unexpected. The liquid design is basically composed of the three different bases so we have the tall vase in the center which is actually called a wave base and then we have red tulips just kind of coil as if they’re chasing each other up the inside of the vase and then we just top that with floating candles and the two smaller vases are basically wave vases without the stem and we have tulips that are again submerged and hen we have those kind of topped with floating candles as well. Host: But water can do more than just enhance your centerpiece it can also accent other areas. J Patrick: The phase are wonderful show cases for your focus for your evening we will often use a very large orb and submerge the floral and light it from beneath so that it comes up. So as you guess your going 3 buffet line they will be looking at you’re their food but then their eye is drawn up into this beautiful element. Host: Another benefit using water helps you cut down your wedding budget. J Patirick: Submerging these florals allows you to get a greater impact for actually less money if you take a very small collection of flower and then once it’s put into that container and filled with water it magnifies and your flowers become twice the size as they are so what we use many times is a beautiful blue milar this is a rain curtain that reflects light. This behind your DJ which is going to be the focal point of all of your dancing and it’s a great, great water kind of feel. Host: You can also use water to make a more personal statement during your ceremony. Water mingling is where couples pore water together into a beautiful vessel to represent their new union in marriage. Tia: The couple took the vessels and they just used it to bring the water together and it was really fun seeing the water mingle together in that vessel. Host: A splash of color really brings this unique idea to life. Tia: We colorized the water, we have done things where there’s color in the center vessel but no one can see it and so when we see the clarity of the individual vessels and they bring them together and you see the center come to life we’re breathing life into their union and creating something beautiful by the two of them coming together. Host: Your guest probably haven’t seen water mingling before so it’s good to have your efficient say a few words to explain what is happening and the significance of the moment. However you choose to incorporate water into your wedding décor it gives a romantic ambience and reflects the essence of your day in a natural elegant style.