WATCH: Congressman Balances Questions, Kid on Lap
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Rep. Mel Watt of North Carolina had questions for Attorney General Eric Holder at a House judiciary committee meeting on Wednesday. At the same time, Watt was wrestling with a grandson in his lap. (May 15)


SHOTLIST:POOL - AP CLIENTS ONLYWashington - May 15, 20131. Wide of congressional hearing2. SOUNDBITE: Eric Holder, Attorney General"Mr. Watt, you're only supposed to do that at your confirmation hearing, that's when you roll out the kids ..."3. SOUNDBITE: Rep. Mel Watt / (D) North Carolina"I'm just trying to get my line of questioning, I've been in the back listening and Nico says you've done a good job up to this point, so ... Mr. Attorney General, I'm going to just ask you a couple of questions related to intellectual property which is the subcommittee I'm ranking member on ... "4. Various of baby starting to squirm, cry5. SOUNDBITE: Rep. Mel Watt / (D) North Carolina"Thank you, Mr. Chairman. And Nico thanks you, also. I yield back, we yield back the balance of our time ... Mr. Chairman, the press has asked what the relationship is, so just for everybody's information this is my grandson ... "STORYLINE:A North Carolina Congressman brings some levity to a House judiciary committee hearing with Attorney General Eric Holder by balancing his grandson on his lap.Rep. Mel Watt of North Carolina introduced the child as his grandson Nico.At one point, the child became squirmy and was taken out of the Democrat's arms but began to cry out, only to be returned to Watt for the rest of his questioning with Holder.Watt has been nominated by President Barack Obama to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency.