Warning Signs of Psychological Disorders in Children
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Dr. Shannon discusses the warning signs of childhood psychological disorders and explains why medication is not always the best solution.


Warning Signs of Psychological Disorders in Children What Are Psychological Disorder Warning Signs In Children And Why Is Medication Not Always The Best Solution? Dr. Scott Shannon: Some of the indicators would be poor sleep. If your child’s having great difficulty falling asleep, waking with nightmares, not sleeping through the night; that’s one indicator. If their energy is low and they’re lethargic and they’re not enthusiastic, happy and vital like a child should be, that’s a warning sign. If they’re having difficulty separating from you to go off to school, that can be a warning sign. If there’s irritability, explosive temper, rage, those can be a warning sign. If you see a sudden dramatic fall off in their school performance, if their grades go from A’s and B’s to C’s and D’s, that can be an indicator. So, there are a variety of different indicators. Some of these are going to be depending on the child’s age and obviously, their sex. But I think in general, if you see a significant change in these indicators then that can be a sign that something is going on. In the last fifteen or twenty years, we’ve seen a tripling or quadrupling in psychiatric medications for kids and unfortunately, this is in spite of evidence to show that often times these can be unsafe in some children and certainly the science proving its effectiveness is not where it needs to be. I think finally we’re reaching the point in integrative psychiatry where w have safe, natural tools that have been proven to be effective to offer as choices for parent that prefer a different approach.