Want to Look Younger? Factor in Sunscreen
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A new skin study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine confirms what doctors have long preached. Daily, year-round sunscreen use can significantly slow the skin's aging process by as much as 24 percent. (June 3)


SHOLIST:AP Video - AP CLIENTS ONLY Washington, May 31, 20131. Tight mom putting sunscreen on little girl's face2. Wide of moms with little kidsPensacola, Florida May 31, 20133. SOUNDBITE: Shanna Starns, Pensacola, Fla. See transcript below Washington May 31, 20134. Med mom with girl putting on sunscreen5. SOUNDBITE: Karen Harper, Concord, NC. See transcript below6. Med of female laying on grass7. Tight shot lathering sunscreenDate, Location UnknownCourtesy: American College of Physicians8. SOUNDBITE: Dr. Adele Green, Lead Study Author9. Med couple putting on sunscreen10. Tight of man putting on sunscreen11. Tight woman putting sunscreen on shoulder12. Skin molds in little bags13. Tight of molds in bags14. Lifting green goo off hand15. Tight lifting off moldAP Video - AP CLIENTS ONLY Washington, May 31, 201315. SOUNDBITE: Dr. Howard Brooks, Georgetown Skin. See transcript below16. Tight shot different sunscreen bottles17. Tight of uva/uvb label18. Tight of spf 30Miami, May 31, 201319. Med people on the beach with trees20. Couple in the waterWashington May 31, 201321. Dr. Howard Brooks, Georgetown Skin22. Tight shot sunscreen bottlePensacola, Florida May 31, 201323. Wide people on beach and in waterVOICEOVERAPPLYING SUNSCREEN ON HOT SUNNY DAYS, HAS BECOME SECOND NATURE TO MANY.SOUNDBITE: Shanna Starns, sunbather at Pensacola Beach, Fla.I just don't want them to get skin cancer.BUT, USING SUNSCREEN YEAR-ROUND... SOUNDBITE: Karen Harper, tourist from Concord, North Carolina:"In the wintertime when we play golf, I don't wear it."NEEDS TO SOAK IN MORE. A NEW STUDY MAY NOW HELP CONVINCE PEOPLE TO SLATHER IT ON EVERY DAY.SOUNDBITE - Dr. Adele Green, Lead Study Author:"This is a study which has for the first time shown evidence that sunscreen can prevent aging of the skin."VIDEO: COURTESY AMERICAN COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANSAUSTRALIAN RESEARCHERS HAVE PROVIDED THE STRONGEST EVIDENCE TO DATE -SUNSCREEN - IN ADDITION TO PROTECTING AGAINST DANGEROUS ULTRA VIOLET RAYS THAT CAN LEAD TO SKIN CANCER - CAN ACTUALLY SLOW THE AGING PROCESS .THE STUDY FOLLOWED 900 PEOPLE OVER FOUR YEARS. SKINS MOLDS KEPT TRACK OF FINE LINES AND WRINKLES.THE GROUP THAT APPLIED SUNSCREEN DAILY SHOWED 24 PERCENT LESS AGING OF THE SKIN THAN THOSE WHO ONLY USED IT PERIODICALLY.SOUNDBITE: Dr. HOWARD BROOKS, GEORGETOWN SKIN"People are spending thousands of dollars, creams over the counter when it could be something as simple as sunscreen" DERMATOLOGISTS SAY IT'S IMPORTANT TO USE SUNSCREEN LABELLED BROADSPECTRUM - BLOCKING BOTHUV-A AND UV-B RAYS, WITH AN SPF OF AT LEAST 30.THE AUSTRIALIAN STUDY INCLUDED MEN AND WOMEN UP TO 55 YEARS-OLD.THE RESULTS THE SAME FOR THE YOUNG AND MIDDLE AGE.SOUNDBITE: Dr. Howard Brooks/ Georgetown Skin " We know now that sun damage is accumulative both for skin cancer and anti-aging purposes so it's never too late to start."SUNCREEN - PROVIDING A DOUBLE DOSE OF PROTECTION - FOR YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR LOOKS.JEANNIE OHM ASSOCIATED PRESS