Want a Baby? Cut Out Bacon
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A Harvard study suggests men who eat processed meat have lower sperm counts and lower quality sperm.


(Image source: Wikimedia Commons / U.S. Government )     BY CLIFF JUDY     Guys, want more and better sperm? All you have to do is — CAN SOMEBODY ELSE ANCHOR THIS STORY?! “If you want healthier sperm...how’s that for a conversation starter? You might want to cut out the bacon. No! Don’t say it! And eat more fish. Well, that’s boring.”  (Via CNN ) A new study by Harvard researchers found eating processed meats leads to poorer sperm quality. That means if you and your wife are trying to make a baby, it’s time to cut out the bacon. The study interviewed men undergoing in vitro fertilization. (Via Global Post )   “Fish apparently boost your sperm count. They asked 156 men about their eating habits. Those who ate more processed meat appeared to have a lower percent of well-shaped sperm.”  (Via KYW )   Of course, release a study like this and you’re bound to get plenty of interesting reactions. Or should we call them deflections? “Tony, a new study shows eating bacon can lower a man’s sperm count.” “I’m Tony Kornheiser. Does it say anything about consuming two bottles of red wine and a box of Ding Dongs?” “It can’t help you.”  (Via ESPN )   To be fair, bacon is simply the food most media outlets are singling out in their reports. The study didn’t actually look at individual kinds of processed meat. (Via Fox News )   So go a little light on the burgers, too.