Walking Lunge
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Get active and stay healthy with a great fitness drill for kids. Here, Judy shows you how to try a variation of the standing lunge doing the walking lunge


Our next lower body move is called the Walking Lunge and it is just like the standing lounge, except we are traveling. I am going to demonstrate it here. Opposite arm and leg and you are just going to power up and land soft, drive it up, land soft. Now this move can be done in the gym, at the park and where you want, as long as you got a little bit of space. Good! Okay, you are going to take it back, drive it up. You guys are going to join me, okay? Okay, let us try it. Ready? Here we go. Right foot forward, opposite arm and leg, and remember, power this up nice and strong. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Do not shrug it up. Here we go, up, lunge, up, land soft. Good! Really drive it up. Keep going up, that is it. Keep going one more time, up, stabilize. Good! Now, take it back. Here we go and drive it down. So, this one is called the Walking Lunge. Let us go. Up, land soft. Good! Stabilize, up, opposite arm and leg. That is it! Think about it. Good! Keep it going. Perfect! Awesome job!