Wake Up, the Baby is Crying! - DadLabs Ep 254 The Lounge
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DadLabs has brought together a panel of experts and doofuses alike to answer a single probing modern parenting question. In your household, did you and your spouse share late night baby crying duty? This video brought to you by sweetpeace by Graco. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Daddy Clay: Hey, welcome to the new look DadLab lounge brought to you today by the sweetpeace from Graco the revolutionary baby soothing system. I am Daddy Clay. Daddy Brad: And I am Daddy Brad. We are here today in beautiful downtown Houston at the Tiniest Bar in Texas got a great crowd assembled they are really drop and ready to go. Daddy clay: This is the show where we ask our panelist and members of our audience probing questions about modern parenting. Today’s question-- Daddy Brad: Did you and you spouse share late night baby crying duty? Male 1: As far as I know she did not get up during the night. Dawn: Yes, of course I have that night. Owen: I do not know why I am here. Dawn: I would allow her to the situation. Female 1: No. Male 4: We did the first couple of weeks when I was home but then when I went back to work and she stayed home she kind of bored in front of that . FeDawn: But she would wake up I would nurse her and then I will handle to Owen and he would take the diaper. Owen: Remove the covers from her. Male 1: So I look a pretty good slipper I am solid. FeDawn: I did in and he did out. Owen: Would knock Jodi or I will poke Jodi. Daddy Clay: So, you got to sleep that together for day and out. FeDawn: Well, we never get together. Dawn: She carried the baby for the first nine months and so now I have to carry the baby after that. Daddy Clay: Dawn, that is exactly what Brad said. You husband did not nurse the babies. Female 1: He change the diapers but he could not nurse the babies. Male 5: And I could not control how would I have done but I did. Daddy clay: Do you know that Owen can breast feed. Owen: Oh! God! Daddy Clay: Well, that is all for us here from the lounge well I think responses again the sweetpeace from Graco. Daddy Brad: And join us next time right here at the Tiniest Bar in Texas on February 7 and join the couple of the year and answer some question you can find all the details at dadlabs.com.