Waiting Time for Bariatric Surgery
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Dr. DeBarros explains how soon bariatric surgery can be performed after the initial consultation.


Waiting Time for Bariatric Surgery Everybody that I know wants to have surgery yesterday and that is sort of a great expectation for women, however, and it’s for all patients as well, but especially a woman, we want to do things appropriately. So essentially when you come to see us at a first visit, we do a very, very thorough history and physical examination, and for all patients are given a list of goals and objectives. Those lists of goals and objectives, some of them could be medical, some of them are dietary, some of them the psychologist will give you a list of goals, and all of these things have to be met prior to surgery. Typically from the time we see a patient for the first visit, it is approximately four to six weeks before the patient is ready for surgery, and in some practices it’s a little faster than that. However, there are also in most cases, insurance issues to deal with, which takes approximately four weeks as well. The fastest that I have seen anybody go through any bariatric procedure is about two to three weeks, but typically it’s about four weeks after the initial visit.