Visit the Pioneer Auto Show's Gift Shop in Murdo
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Visit the Pioneer Auto Show's gift shop in the town of Murdo, South Dakota, where you can find many unique car related, and non car related, gifts.


Visit the Pioneer Auto Show's Gift Shop in Murdo SD Male 1: Here to a full service restaurant. They serve several hundred thousand visitors each year. Next door, the Pioneer Auto Show’s Gift shop. Male 2: We have people come here from all over the country for the gift stores; it’s full of very, very unique gifts. Car related for sure and then we have the rock related things. We have a lot of black hills old jewelry. Would you—Yes, I’ll show you around Because they come here all the time, we have one of the best libraries of books in the country. How we doing folks? The package looks good and we’re having a whale of a sale here today. After fifty years—but this still won’t get us out there. [Laughs] But the car box are very extensive. You’ll see all the models, we’re dealers for Franklin Mant, then matchbox then we have a lot of antique toys and things over there, also an antique section. And you’re in South Dakota so we have a lot of Black Hills Gold. And we think we have the best price on that in the country because we’re in fact be pricing it and heavily discount. Male 3: I have book of poetry, It’s called the Honor for the Common Man and it’s just to it’s for Common Man. There’s little something for everyone in this room. Would you like a sample? Long or short? Alright, I have a little four-liner. So the poem called—it’s a quatrain or land fall called View of Life. “As we peer through life’s window pane, some see sunshine, some see rain. It all depends on your point of view. It’s how you see life. It’s up to you. Book is full of assortment.