Visit Odense, Denmark
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Odense, Denmark, is a city full of parks, pedestrian streets and cycling paths. Although named after Thor’s father, Odin, The city is best known as the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen.


Visit Odense, Denmark A population of a 118 people enjoys a small town of ambiance in Odense. Pedestrian streets are on of the reasons why it’s known for being a green city with parks and open areas. Cycling paths are a way of life and the modern day explorer is using the latest in energy-saving transportation, electric cars. Although named after Thor’s father Odin, it’s most famous for being the home of Hans Christian Andersen. Viking history can be found in this city as well. Construction of the Cathedral of Saint Canute was begun in the year 1285 in a fine gothic style. The church contains the earthly remains of King Canute, known to be the last Viking king. In Odense, Denmark, there are antique shops that could be museums themselves. The difference is that if you notice an item you’d like to have yourself, all you have to do is buy it. Antique dealers have formed an organization which supplies documentation which guarantees the authenticity of all antique purchases. Denmark is such an old settlement that objects with the history are plentiful and antique shops are literally crowded with precious old things.