VIP Room at Middle School Dance Raises Eyebrows
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A Los Angeles charter school hosts a sixth-grade dance that includes a VIP section for those willing to pay extra.


(Image source: istockphoto)   BY JASMINE BAILEY   Try and think about a more awkward time in your life than a middle school dance. But imagine that dance that had a separate VIP section. That was the reality at New West Charter School in Los Angeles. Time has the details .     “On top of the $15 dance admission, students — or, more likely, their parents — can choose to pay an additional $5 to be a cool kid — excuse me, get access to a special ‘V.I.P.’ area.”   Along with VIP entrance, students had access to a dessert bar and a free goodie bag. But, the new feature didn’t go unnoticed by parents. One mom expressed her concerns through her blog on Bella   “There are already invisible velvet ropes aplenty, segregating the popular kids, the smartest kids, the jocks… What’s next, bottle service? $10 for a jug of Coke maybe, served by a high-schooler in short shorts?”   A Forbes contributor says the problems of inequalities in school districts have now found their way into the classrooms, sarcastically writing...   “…winners of the lucky sperm and egg club raffle get to buy their way into the VIP Lounge while those with less in the way of funds get an early lesson in how they will likely spend their lives on the wrong side of the red velvet line, courtesy of their own school.”   But a blogger for the New York Times argues maybe the whole thing is just one big misguided lesson.   “… perhaps the school is just trying to encourage students to think about what really makes one important… Or maybe it’s more direct: in the real world, you pay extra to walk onto an airplane first, so why not require kids to pony up for extra space at the dance?”