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With Mother's Day approaching, Canadian Press film expert John McKay looks at home video gift ideas. "The Guilt Trip" starring Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen is among the movies being touted as perfect for mom.


Movies about moms available for Mom in new home video releases.Mother's Day is upon us and there are some new titles on video being promoted as gifts for Mom. Now it's not me that's indulging in stereotypes here. Take this one: The Guilt Trip (Para.), a sentimental comedy pairing Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogan. It says right here on the DVD box that it's the perfect Mother's Day gift.Streisand plays the ultimate in smothering, possessive moms. And for some insane reason, her travelling salesman son, Rogan, invites her to join him on a cross-country business road trip. Well, what could go wrong there? Lightweight but the onscreen chemistry between the two is palpable.Another possibly appropriate recent release is This is Forty (Universal), what Judd Apatow called his sort-of sequel to Knocked Up. Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann play a couple whose marriage has reached a mid-life crisis point and they have to consider how to keep the magic, the mystery alive. Funny but it does cut rather close to the bone.Finally, a new film called Mama (Universal) is out this week but beware. It's a horror film about a couple of feral children found living alone in the woods. When rescued, however, it seems there was a maternal, but demonic spirit overseeing them that is not ready to let go. Not the stereotype Mother's Day movie, but it just might suit your mom's tastes.