Video Games vs. Board Games
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When it comes to family game night, which do you prefer as a parent, video or board? We put this question to the crowd of experienced parents gathered at Freddie\'s Place in Austin, Texas. Let us know what you think: do you prefer to come together over game pieces or pixels?


Daddy Brad: Welcome back to the Lounge. We’re here at beautiful downtown Austin, Texas at Freddie’s Place, having a couple of drinks and some snacks out on the back porch. I’m daddy Brad. Daddy Owen: I’m Daddy Owen, today’s Lounge is brought to you by Fundex Games—where fun comes first or very close second. Daddy Clay: That’s not the ‘slog,’ I’m daddy Clay. This is the show we experience lots of questions about parenting with our fellow parents and they tell how they confront their parenting. This week’s questions is— Daddy Brad: When it comes to family game night, do you like the old school board games or the new fangled video versions? Daddy Clay: Game night, your are all gathered around. Are guys going to hit the video games or are you going to go with the old fashioned—part cheesy? Male 1: Totally Xbox. In our house, it’s all bout the Xbox 360. Male 2: My kids like board games. But board games are big commitments. Someone has to clean up afterwards. Female 1: We are very ‘in’ in the Power Rangers right now. So, we play a lot of Jungle Fury. Daddy Owen: I played “Wee” ones and it freaking haunted me, why does my hand make the TV move? I don’t need that kind of power. Male 3: When they’re bigger, I hoping to do board games, to again, fulfill my destiny to be the world’s greatest DND Dungeon Master. Female 2: I don’t even think I want Berkley to know about video games for a really long time. Male 4: I got rid of my PlayStation 2. Daddy Brad: No interact when you are lenient. You need to roll some dice and count and move the little thing around the board. Male 5: As a neurologist, one of the things, especially with the video games, they can be not very interactive. Male 2: Last week, my daughter has thought me three games. They thought me the Doctor Pepper— Daddy Clay: How do you play Jungle Fury? Female 1: Someone is spirit of the tiger— Male 2: Doctor Pepper— Female 1: Someone is scared at the cheetah. Male 2: Went to town. Female 1: Someone is spirit of the eagle. And then the baby is the Pai Shua Master. Male 2: Big red, shut them down. Daddy Clay: Who is the spirit if the tiger? Female: The spirit of the tiger is usually me.] Daddy Clay: Yeah, huh. Male 2: Now, he is drinking, 7-up. Female 4: We are trying to teach Berkley, you know, that winning is everything and that that is better than losing and it’s just walking away from the game. Daddy Clay: So, at what point do you let the kids play the M-rated games? Male 1: Oh actually, he is right now. I don’t play— Male 5: The more you interact so fully, the more active you are with ideas. That helps because it can make an action all the time on what is on going and that is very helpful. Male 2: Crispy Crème with no caffeine— Female 4: Sometimes, we have a Michael Jackson dance party. Male 6: I’m afraid that if I gave my kids a video that they’ll just be like— Male 5: What you do in a video game is just practicing, like you’re practicing the “catch a ball.” You’re just practicing to get yourself out of the work but you are not really creating any new cognitive kind of pathway. Male 2: Never once, never twice and freeze! Male 6: I can’t get my kids to sit still for as board game and I honestly, I am scared to death of video games. Daddy Clay: Have you ever played any Fundex games? Kid 1: Am— Male 6: Board games are obviously boring! That’s why they called them “Bored Games” so— Kid 1: Is this guy one of them, I like the guy like he pumped his head and then he farts—a lot. Daddy Clay: Yes, yes, isn’t that a good game? Kid 1: Yes, it’s cool. Daddy Clay: Whew! Okay, I’ll get you that money later. Female 3: We don’t have any video games. Daddy Owen: You don’t have any video games, but when dad loves to start paying— Female 3: Yes, I want to wee! Daddy Owen: There is a bathroom right over there. Male 2: I didn’t any of these games till a week ago. But if you let the kids teach you again and it changes their whole perspective about grown-ups know things that kids don’t know and stuff like that— Male 6: Yes, I really do think video games teach