Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas
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Love is in the air, and cupid is flying high. Lifestyle expert, Cindy Piccoli, is here with an exciting variety of items that will help make your Valentine's Day a special one.


Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas Audra Lowe: Love is in the air and Cupid’s flying high and somebody actually flew here to New York City for this segment. LifeStyle expert Cindy Piccoli is here. She’s got an exciting variety of items to help make your Valentine's Day a special one. You hand picked all of these for everybody right? Cindy Piccoli: It did. It’s my favorite holiday so let’s start that with sharing because that’s what we do on Valentine's Day. Audra Lowe: And why not share something good like this. Cindy Piccoli: A cheesecake from the cheese cake factory. And they want you to share a personal love story. And you write that and put it at The Cheesecake /love story. And the writer of the most heart warming story will win a seven day, six night trip for two to Hawaii courtesy of the Cheesecake Factory. Audra Lowe: Usually my love story involves the cheesecake. All right, also our pets too, we can’t forget the pets. Cindy Piccoli: Absolutely. Well Petco has created a berry love spa works for your doggie. The package includes a heart collar charm, berry scented shampoo, conditioner and sprits, tooth brush service and a pedicure. It’s only $19 with the purchase of a full service groom or bath. Audra Lowe: Look at that, you bring in the dogs into the whole gangs. Cindy Piccoli: And kitty cats too. Audra Lowe: Now here’s some– Cindy you picked this one out too right? Cindy Piccoli: Well, yes. Audra Lowe: Okay, what is this? Cindy Piccoli: Couples can enjoy Valentine’s night and every night with KY Grand Intense. Now studies actually found that 75% of women experience heightened satisfaction and sensitivity. And 90% of those women said Intense improved the experience for them and their partners. Audra Lowe: Well, it that doesn’t work then you got to sprits a little act song there right. That should do the trick. Cindy Piccoli: This is treat you got from AXE. It’s called Dark Temptation. It’s a zero calorie chocolate inspired fragrance with hot chocolates, amber and red peppercorn scents body spray and shower gel. They’re available at Wal-Mart. It’s about five dollars. Audra Lowe: Zero calorie chocolate inspired? Audra Lowe: Okay now so about pizza. Cindy Piccoli: Again, we’re sharing. Ah, a delicious earth Crust or Ristorante Frozen Pizza with your Valentine. It’s made with high-quality ingredients. It’s Italy’s best seller Audra and it’s now available in the Northeast United States. Visit Ristorante.US and enter the tales of the heart and win a trip to Italy for two. Audra Lowe: People love their pizza too. Okay. Now you have to tell me what the Duncan Hines, cake, the cupcakes. These are good. Cindy Piccoli: Absolutely. Well, bake your Valentine some delicious, classic, red velvet cupcakes. It’s with the exclusive Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake mix with cream cheese frosting or how about a conversation Heart Brownie with Chocolate Lovers Double Fudge Brownie mixed with Vanilla frosting. Audra Lowe: You’re making us all hungry in here. Anyway, what’s going on with the Fish Sticks in front of here? How’s that Valentine’s Day– Cindy Piccoli: Well, you can enjoy Valentine’s dinner out while leaving the kids at home with a delicious meal featuring crunchy Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks or Van de Kamp’s fish sticks. Kids love fish sticks. It’s made with 100% whole white fish fillets that contain omega 3 oils and have the Chef’s Best Award for Best Taste. Audra Lowe: Then after eating all these food here and having a good time, there’s nothing worse than meet up with somebody on Valentine’s Day with bad breath. So we’ve got the Listerine here. Cindy Piccoli: Also there’s another message here. Recent study found that 68% of both men and women believe that having teeth makes them more approachable. I would agree. Listerine Whitening Restoring Rinse will let you have those pearly whites in just one minute twice a day. Audra Lowe: Speaking of one minute, okay you have less than that. Actually ten seconds. Couples Retreat? Cindy Piccoli: Yes! Oh! There’s this fabulous movie out I just called Couples Retreat. I’ve seen it. It’s a hysterical. It’s starring Vince Vaughn. It’s available on Blue-Ray and DVD on February 9. It’s about eight friends who discovered that participation in a resort’s unconventional couple’s therapy is anything but optional. Audra Lowe: Well you thought about everything, covered all the bases. Don’t forget the pop corn. Good to see you again. Thanks.