Valentine's Day Cards We Wish Existed
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Are you looking for the perfect Valentine's Day card, but it doesn't exist? Look no further, YourTango has assembled 4 hilarious cards we hope to see in a greeting card store someday. YourTango is your source for smart talk about love, sex, dating and relationships. Whether you're married, single, taken, engaged or "it's complicated," check out our videos for the best love and relationship news, entertainment and advice.


Male1: YourTango presents Valentine’s Day Cards We Wish Existed. Kurt: To Susie, my mom made me write this card to you, from Kurt. P.S. You smell like soup. Male2: Let's spend Valentine’s Day together. Do not tell my wife and please, please, erase my name from your phone. Female1: Have I told you lately that I love you? No? That seems about right. Kurt: To the sexiest girl in kindergarten, here’s to 20 years of bliss. Okay, it wasn’t all bliss, but I love you anyway. Love, Kurt. P.S. You still smell like soup. Male1: Happy Valentine’s Day from YourTango.