USDA Releases New School Snack Food Guidelines
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The USDA sets limits on the snacks sold in school vending machines.


(Image Source: Bloomberg )   BY MICHELLE SCHUELKE Anchor By Jasmine Bailey   No more Doritos and M&Ms in the vending machines at schools— they will now be filled with some healthier choices.   The USDA has proposed the new standard that will provide whole grains, low fat dairy, fruits, vegetables or protein foods as the main ingredients in snacks. An estimated 2.3 billion dollars is spent on junk food in schools every year.   According to Fox News the changes are apart of the Healthy Hunger - Free Kids Act. “... meant to curb child obesity by setting better nutrition standards in schools.  The act required the USDA to set standards for ‘competitive foods,’ or items sold at schools during the school day.”   According to Bloomberg , the proposal sets calorie limits on vending machine beverages and snacks.   “snacks peddled in vending machines can be no more than 200 calories and must meet other nutrition criteria, such as limits on fat and sugar.”   According to the The New York Times , the new guidelines come a year after the Obama administration made changes to the government-subsidized school meal program. Those changes included ...   “ ...adding more fruits and green vegetables to breakfasts and lunches and reducing the amount of salt and fat in meals.”   The new snack proposal does not apply to foods brought from home in bagged lunches, items children bring from home to celebrate birthday’s or holiday events and items sold at after school events.