Understanding your Home Network Router #7 - Network Parental Controls
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We've talked about securing your wireless network in a number of ways. There are times, however, when you may want to restrict access to the Internet for those who already have access to the network. You can block access to certain keywords or specific Web sites or block kids' Internet access after a certain time and much more. You can do all of this via access restrictions in your router.


Michael Callahan: Hi, this is Michael Callahan doctor file finder and welcome back to our special Butterscotch.com ten parts series on understanding your router. And in the segment we are going to look at access restrictions. Once again this is a link this router. If you have different brand of router you will still have some area in the router set up that covers restricting access to the internet. So now this is restricting access of people who already have access to your network and this router and you can create up to ten different access policies, which makes it easy switch between then. See here its disable will quick enable we'll give it a name, I call this one kids. This is an excellent way to limit your children, so for example we'll say we we'll will denied access. During the week it will do it from, we'll say 3 pm when they get home from school until 8 pm, when they should be doing there home work, so now we have that, we go and save our changes now there will be no internet access for the PC's we pick in this list, but we can specify specific IP addresses, so you can put he IP addresses of your son, your daughter, your youngest daughter, your youngest son, so the adults could still had access although the children could not, so this is the one but you can limit access to the internet to your router. Once again this is a one part of a ten part series. We surely check out all ten sections.