Understanding Heart Murmurs in Children
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Many parents are worried about the heart murmurs in children. He explains the difference between innocent and organic heart murmurs.


Understanding Heart Murmurs in Children One medical finding that often gets talked about that we should mention is a normal phenomenon. But the mere mention of it bothers a lot of young mothers. That is the innocent heart murmur. When the doctor says that your child has a heart murmur, often it gets no farther than mentioning heart murmur. The reality is there are two types of heart murmurs. There are innocent heart murmurs and there are organic heart murmurs. Parents immediately think organic heart murmur, they think the child is doomed or has cardiac surgery. But the majority can be up to 65% of exams uncover innocent heart murmur. The innocent heart murmur is heard best at the pulmonic area which is to the left of the -- just below the neck to the left of the chest. It’s called the third intercostal space. It has a variable relationship to position, to breathing, to activity. That means it’s basically heard in different qualities in those positions. It is low pitch. In fact it’s musical in nature. There are no physical signs of heart disease. This is truly innocent. It has no meaning and it’s something to be forgotten and nothing needs to be done.