UK Mulls Unique Fight Against Binge Drinking
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The UK Government is planning to set a minimum price for alcohol in a bid to cut binge-drinking. (Nov. 30)


SHOTLIST:SOURCE: SKY NEWSLONDON - Nov. 271. Bottle being scanned2. People in aisle3. Pan of bottles4. SOUNDBITE: Emily Robinson, Alcohol Concern (Transcript Below)5. Cashier6. Aisles of alcohol7. Consumer in aisles8.SOUNDBITE: Michael Rowland, vox pop 9. Bottles on display10. SOUNDBITE: Emily Robinson, Alcohol Concern (Transcript Below)11. Bottles on displayVOICE-OVER SCRIPT:British officials are hoping a bit of sticker shock will help sober up the nation.The government there is planning to set a minimum price for alcohol in a bid to cut binge-drinking.SOUNDBITE: (English) Emily Robinson, Alcohol Concern "Young people tell us that it's cheaper to get drunk than to go to the cinema for example, so this is a measure that will be particularly targeted at that group of people."Under the proposal the minimum price for a bottle of wine would go to four pounds 50, which is about seven dollars and 20 cents and a can of beer would cost no less than a buck sixty.The country would also eliminate buy one get one free deals.Some though say the idea punishes everyone including responsible drinkers and does little to really prevent others from binging.SOUNDBITE Michael Rowland, vox pop"A lot of people tend to go to France, or other places, where they can get alcohol on the cheap. If they're doing it to tackle children and young people, there's always another alternative."Advocates of the plan say studies show raising the price will work and add it will have long term beneficial effects.SOUNDBITE: (English) Emily Robinson, Alcohol Concern As taxpayers we're all paying for the high costs in terms of policing or NHS health care for the admissions in A and E and for local councils who often have to clear up the mess."The government will soon begin consultation to figure out what exactly to charge.______ /Associated Press