U.S. Basketball Team Gets Boost From the Past
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When the U.S. men play Argentina on Friday night, one 89-year-old basketball fan promises to cheer louder than anyone else. He's Ray Lumpp, and this isn't his first London Olympics. Back in 1948, he helped the U.S. basketball team win gold. (Aug. 10)


[SOT/]Soundbite (English) Ray Lumpp/1948 Gold Medal winner USA Basketball"It was 64 years ago that I won my gold medal here. In Wembley Stadium I received my gold medal.""In 48, they were the austerity games. They didn't build anything. Whatever they had, there was food rationing here. It wasn't like it is today. There was still bombed out buildings. They had rubble all over town. When we came into the Olympics, you had to admire the British people for staging a wonderful set of games.""We were like the Dream Team of our time. When we played France in the final game and the first half was a blow out and the Olympic officials came into the room and said please don't embarrass the French team anymore.""In those days we came over on the USS America and went home on the USS Washington. Today, you fly over. It's completely different." We stayed in the Royal Air Force barracks. Today they stay in hotels. There was no village in those days. They didn't have the money to rebuild facilities. they spent billions of dollars for the facilities now. In those days, whatever they had they shared with the Olympians and we had a great respect for the British people. What they had they shared with the Olympians and we were proud to be part of their 48 Olympic team after all there were no games since '36. Twelve years no Olympics.""And I just hope the American team can bring home the gold and and stop in at the White House."(****END****) VIDEO PRODUCER: Pete---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: None ----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): None