Twilight Movie Character Names for Children
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Better.TV's Rhiannon Ally talks to Lesley Nagy about how parents gave their newborns Twilight movie character names and go on to talk about Miley Cyrus and tips for spring cleaning.


Twilight Movie Character Names for Children Rhiannon Ally: Welcome back to Better. I am so pleased to introduce you to our newest correspondent Leslie Negi. Leslie will be joining Better in covering all sorts of fun stuff. Welcome to the show. Leslie Negi: Well thank you so much, I'm glad to be here, it’s exciting. Rhiannon Ally: It is exciting. We’re so happy to have you and today we’re going to do hot topics. And we have fun stuff to talk about today. I'm really excited. Okay, I have to ask you a question. Have you read the Twilight books? Leslie Negi: I haven’t read them. I did see the movie though. You know I cheated. Rhiannon Ally: Yeah, that’s okay, you know, I read the book and saw the movie so I'm a little worst than you but listen to this. This is really interesting. In 2009 Twilight fever is catching all over the place. Isabella and Jacob those were the two most popular names. Leslie Negi: Oh, I believe it. Rhiannon Ally: I love the name Isabella but it’s so funny to me that people are taking Twilight names of these teenagers and naming their kids at can you believe that. Leslie Negi: I can, you know, I think even if you go Collin and all the other names out there you can shorten to Bella that’s popular for that all over. And walking the streets you can hear Mia is popular, Miley was popular for a while you know my name is never on the list so. Rhiannon Ally: I think Leslie is a nice name, very classic. You mention Miley Cyrus her name has been popular before and boy she’s always creating controversy. Leslie Negi: Especially with her new video right now, what is it, “Can’t be tamed”. Rhiannon Ally: Yes and it’s very risky. And you know Miley is only 17 years old so people are saying “Wait a minute what is going on here”. Leslie Negi: You know I feel like it’s the same buzz they had with Britney Spears. You know “Oh, can’t she come out and be sexy now”. Oh, yeah, she can. She’s a sexy and beautiful girl and it’s all right I think. You know, I don't think there need to be should she or shouldn’t she, she wanted to do it. That’s what she was comfortable with. Her family is comfortable with it. Rhiannon Ally: Yeah, her family is obviously comfortable with it. She keeps having all the Vanity Fair pictures everything, so I guess people need to just realize that’s who Miley is. Leslie Negi: Now, I think the feather is in the hole, it’s like an animal theme in a way, you know. It’s a bit much. It’s a big production for a music video. So I was a little surprised to see it just because it’s so over the top and she has cute catchy song, right music, why the need for something so extravagant. Rhiannon Ally: Miley is always go big or go home. I think that’s her philosophy. But you know we’re getting into the summer months and you have the air condition bell boy. It goes sky rockets but we have some tips tell people to save on energy this year. Leslie Negi: You know I grew up as spring cleaning and I think I always, everytime spring comes along I think it’s a great time to go through your closet and figure out what you’re going to wear, what fits, what doesn’t fit if you change sizes. You know because it was a great summer and spring wardrobe coming out you know if you can make a little room in the closet for something new the spring is the best time to do it, you know. Rhiannon Ally: Yeah, it’s a great time to get rid of all that junk you don't need anymore and it’s also a good time planting a tree. We actually saw this, this is a great way to save on energy and why is that? Leslie Negi: You know, you can, you can marked down on your bills they say plant, shrubs or trees and I think that’s to provide a little shade on your house if you have it. And they also say, you don't forget you know try to get your fans out and turn the blades you know. Because sometimes whether you turn them, so they bring the air out and now you want to bring air cooler down into your house. Don't forget if you have fans or to install new fans in the shades so they work in you blinds and things like that. I think energy store appliances and with light bulbs. Rhiannon Ally: Yeah. Leslie Negi: If you can change you light bulbs out, it’s a good time to save money. Rhiannon Ally: Those can really save you a lot of money and especially over the long term. Maybe not immediately because they are a little bit more expensive but eventually they're going to save you a lot of money. Leslie Negi: Yeah, and try to think what else they gave. Turn off unused equipment, like if you use your television, you have movie night every night or something. Turn off that, the plugs you're not using. Rhiannon Ally: Turn them off and unplugged them all great tips to save you, just a little bit of money and welcome again to the show. Leslie Negi: Thank you. Rhiannon Ally: Thanks for doing hot topics today. All right, we’ll be right back.