Tweeting Teacher Helps Kids Stay Engaged
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Many schools prevent students from tweeting in class. But a teacher in Wisconsin is embracing social media as a learning tool, saying sites like Twitter can expand discussions beyond a classroom's four walls. (Jan. 24)


DURATION: 1:27----------------------------SHOTLIST: AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENT ONLY:Wauwatosa, Wisconsin - January 15, 20141. Medium of student looking at phone2. Tight of phone3. Medium of Allie Meyer at computer4. SOUNDBITE Allie Meyer, student (transcript below)5. Tight of Allie's hands6. Tight of Meyer's tweets7. Wide of Lazarski at computer8. Wide of screen9. SOUNDBITE Chris Lazarski, teacher (transcript below)10. Medium of tweets on screen11. Medium of Regina Kautzer at computer12. Tight of screen13. SOUNDBITE Regina Kautzer, student (transcript below)14. Wide of kids getting computers15. Medium of students in class16. Tight of hands17. Tight of faces18. Medium of student on iPad19. Tight of iPad20. SOUNDBITE (English) Allie Meyer, student (transcript below)AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLY Milwaukee - January 22, 201421. Medium of Meyer's tweet22. Wide of Katie Bradley in kitchen23. SOUNDBITE (English): Katie Bradley, Allie Meyer's mom (transcript below)AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLY Wauwatosa, Wisconsin - January 15, 201424. Medium of Allie Meyer in class25. Tight of Meyer's hand26. Medium of kid at computer27. Tight of fingers at computer28. Medium of kid's headAP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLYMilwaukee - January 17, 201429. Medium of screen (for sign out)30. Tight of screenVOICE-OVER SCRIPT:TWEETING IN CLASS COULD GET YOUR PHONE CONFISCATED AT MOST SCHOOLS.BUT HERE AT WAUWATOSA WEST HIGH SCHOOL, IT'S A REQUIREMENT.SOUNDBITE (English): Allie Meyer, a student in Lazarski's American Public Policy class: "We've been taught by everyone that no phones in school, no internet. …. Once I heard we would be focusing on the Internet, I was really surprised."CHRIS LAZARSKI WANTED A WAY TO ENGAGE STUDENTS IN HIS AMERICAN PUBLIC POLICY CLASS.SOUNDBITE (English): Chris Lazarski, teacher at Wauwatosa West High School. "How do you get kids interested in current events? How do you have a meaningful conversation?"THE ANSWER ... TWITTER.SOUNDBITE: Regina: "Instead of getting worksheets, like just getting handed out worksheets everyday or reading from a book everyday, we can go to APP and go on the computer and go on Twitter and see what other people are saying."LAZARSKI OFTEN PICKS TOPICS OTHER STUDENTS ARE ALSO TWEETING ABOUT THROUGH THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA SITE KQED. ALL THE KIDS CAN SEE EACH OTHER'S TWEETS BY SEARCHING HASHTAGS. STUDENTS RECENTLY TWEETED ABOUT THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION PRESSING SCHOOLS TO ABANDON ZERO TOLERANCE DISCIPLINE POLICIES.SOUNDBITE (English): Allie Meyer: "My first tweet was '@KQEDEdspace @mrlazarski Zero tolerance only adds fuel to the fire and it doesn't help the situation at all. It only makes it worse."HER MOM IS CONCERNED ABOUT THE PERMANENCE OF HER TWEETS.SOUNDBITE (English): Katie Bradley, Allie's mother: "She's going to study abroad. She wants to go to college. She has big plans. I would hate, hate for a terrible decision that she made as a teenager to affect her future."LAZARSKI SAYS HE PLANS TO COMMUNICATE MORE DETAILS ABOUT ITS PURPOSE TO PARENTS --- THAT TWITTER HELPS THE STUDENTS BE MORE INTERESTED IN THE LESSON.CARRIE ANTLEFINGER, ASSOCIATED PRESS