Turducken Cake
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Kids, don't try this at home: the Charm City gang creates a turducken cake.


Duff Goldman: We’re making a turducken. Okay, in a turducken traditionally is a duck, a chicken and a turkey. You debone the birds and stuff one inside the other. Mary Alice: The turducken take us for Ian 16th birthday. I honestly didn’t ask at the time. Sometimes, I find it better with our clients so I'm not asking a lot of questions. Ben: This is any own turkey. This is a turducken a combination of three tasty animals. We decided to use this technique where we put a little texture on the skin as much as supposed to be the texture of the turkey butt. We’re having a heat wave here in Baltimore and it’s been above 95 for three or four days now and really affecting our farming. It’s really sticky and gooey which is not good for making cakes but got to deal with it. Male: The turducken cake is birthday cake for Ian who is turning 16 and his favorite word is turducken. I think the joke was “Hey, Ian what do you want for breakfast?” And he says, “Turducken.” He just answer turducken everything. So, it sounds like they ask him you know like “Hey, Ian what kind of cake do you want for your birthday?” He said, “Turducken,” he’s getting it. Female: I don’t know but I am really like super excited about seeing a real turducken. Male: What if I made a turducken? Female: If you made a turducken I’d be excited to see it. Male: Would you eat the turducken? Female: A small. Male: A small? Female: A small bit. Male: What if that small bit was really good? Female: If the small bit -- if turducken was really good I would appreciate it but still wouldn’t be for cramming animals into each other. Mary Alice: Catherine’s turducken was turduckentastic. Duff Goldman: She made it very tastefully realistic. Not grossly realistic. Those cool to wide a bend like roll the mash over the fun that made the skin so awesome and they show us like you cranberries too. I’d say that turducken probably tastes are pretty good.