Trends in Christmas Tree Decorating
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Professional interior decorator Denise Willard describes her technique for decorating a beautiful holiday Christmas tree and shares Trends in Christmas Tree Decorating


Denise Willard: Hi, my name is Denise Willard and I am with the Decor by Denise. Right now, we are going to talk about the latest trends in holiday decorating. Basically, there are three key trends that you want to keep in mind as we start to build out your holiday tree design. First of all, there is a big switch between our movement I should say, between the traditional colors that we used to see, the really bright, bright reds, the gilded gold’s and those kinds of colors and we are transitioning more into the bronzes, the old gold’s which tend to give up a more orangey hue as well as reds that are deeper in tone like more like a berry tone. So, we see that transition happening more and more in the space as well as, it sort of mimics at what s been happening in the home design space for sometime with the whole bringing the outside in and the green and earth movement. You see a lot of those colors transitioning into the space as well. So, that s the first thing you want to keep in mind, if you want to use some of those colors that s great, we would see a lot in ribbons and in ornaments. The second big trend is a transition from the heavily gilded ornate ornaments to actually elements from nature being used as ornaments. For instance, we see a lot of berries being used, feather sprays, icicle sprays and those kinds of things as well as pinecones, cardinals which add color and obviously, they are full cardinals, but still they are elements from nature that mimic in the things that we see outside everyday. Snow sprays are another idea of things that we can utilize and it should elaborate that particular trend as we build out your tree and the third key design change that we see in the space is in tree toppers. The traditional big stars with lots of lights and angels etcetera, there isn t really being a transition out in their place, we are putting things like untraditional tree topper or with icicle braches coming out which you will see today as we build out this tree or feather sprays etcetera. Sometimes, berries are also used. So, we are typically seeing that type of topper being used more and more today as we see these trends towards the more natural elements encompassing the space. So, that gives you a little bit of inside into some of the key trends that are happening in this space.