Travel and Potty Training
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How does traveling effect potty training?


Host: How does traveling affect potty training? Rene Hackney: When you are traveling with potty training, it s a really good idea within your first week to potty training to start practicing potty training when you are out, because the child is going to be out in about lot. So, the idea is to start practicing that early, there are many travel potties available, there are folding plastic seats that go in the front, there are rings that you can carry in your diaper bag, there are folding plastic seats that sit down on the ground, there are blow-up bubble potties, that you put a bag inside the ring that is a bubble. But whatever you choose to use as a travel potty, the idea is to practice that at home first. So the child is comfortable on it, before they have to use it in the back of the car or in the parking lot. Once you do start using the potty out and about, it s also a good idea to recall them to take a tour of potties. So, when you go a Wal-Mart, stop by the bathroom on the way and say, Hey, look they have potties here, or when you go over to a friend s house, say, Let s go and see all the potties they have in their house. Right when you walk in the door, so the child knows that that is available to them and that they should still be letting you know if they need to go. Another thing with travel is thinking about in the car, lots of families we know; carry just the full size, Graco floor potty in the car, so the children can go. If not, it s stopping more often than you would otherwise, it s stopping every 20 minutes, half hour and asking that child, do they need to go, because you want to be sure you are close enough to some what if they can.