Transformers at the Chicago Auto Show 2009
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Learn about The Chicago Auto Show 2009 from the AutoMoto TV experts.


[Music Playing] Chris Hansen: If cars the stars of your movie, what better place to promote your summer blockbuster than at the Chicago Auto Show. [Music Playing] LeeAnne Stables: The use of the cars as characters who basically turn into, just like the one behind me, this 18 foot robot, is very exciting to see on screens and audience has really responded to the first film. So we are hopeful everybody will enjoy the next movie. Chris Hansen: The van concept Chevrolet Camaro known as Bumblebee in the first Transformers movie became a sensation so needless to say Chevy was only too happy to provide more futuristic cars for Revenge of the Fallen. Ed Peper: Having a popular movie like Transformers, it's very, very important. You get a lot of younger people that attend the movie. And when they see our vehicles in the movie, it makes our brand even more aspirational. They want to get a Chevrolet or they want their parents to buy a Chevrolet. And that's really what we are all in business to do. [Music Playing] Alan Taylor: I think marketing through movies is brilliant actually, I have an 8 year old, I have a 12 year old. They go to these movies, they see these Camaros and these different kinds of cars, and they are like, dad, there is the new Camaro, they see it in the magazines. It is cradled to great marketing, I think the fact that the automakers are supporting the movie markers, everybody wins. Chris Hansen: So which of the new car characters will create the buzz that the Bumblebee Camaro did two years ago. Jolt, the Volt or Sideswipe, the hot Concept Stingray, you will have to judge for yourself when the movie comes out this summer. I am Chris Hansen.