Traditional Types of Christmas Cookies
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Here is a basic primer on the six traditional types of Christmas cookies.


Traditional Types of Christmas Cookies Jill Cordes: These chocolate mint ribbon swirls symbolize drama yet simplicity. The alternating pattern of black and white may look like a challenge but these cookies have a secret. They’re icebox cookies. So you make each color separately. Then chill the rolls of dough. When they’re stiff, it’s easy to cut them in half and combine the colors. The icebox cookie is one kind of cookie, but there are six different types of cookies. The drop cookie, is just what its name implies. Jorge Dela Torre: Drop cookies all that means is that the batter is creamed enough or has enough batter so that you can literally take a spoon and drop this. So there’s no really shape or form. Jill Cordes: Roller cookies are also popular during the holiday. After using your rolling pin, cookie cutters can transform your dough into all kind of shapes. Molded or hand formed cookies are similar except these are long up in shape into balls or logs. With the pipe or press cookie, you sneeze the dough from a container and you before it hits the cookie sheet it's got its own pattern also known as the “Spritz cookie”. So bar cookie is a soft batter, spread evenly in a shallow pan. Brownies are the most popular.