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Learn about the life, success and style of American fashion designer Tracy Reese.


Tracy Reese Fashion Designer Profile Female: With her colorful detailed in feminine collections, funky designer Tracy Reese has become a favorite amongst fashion lovers from around the world. Wanting to create beautiful clothing for women, Reese in the early 1980s moved from Detroit to Manhattan to attend Parsons School of Design where she received an accelerated degree. When she completed her degree, she moved on to Paris where she gained work experience and employment eventually to return back to New York to work for some of fashions most loved houses such as Perry Ellis where she became the design director for the women’s portfolio. By the late 90s Reese have launched her own label of feminine designs that also gave a luxurious and charming look for modern day woman which has since become one of her trademarks. Tracy Reese: Everyone should have a perfect dress, a dress that suits her figure that really enhances her where the color is right, the fit is right and she knows that it’s going to be good for whatever you know life presented. It’s like having that right for her shoes. Even if you wear them like twice a week, twice a year, if they’re there for you and you know you look fabulous in them, its worth whatever you pay. Dresses? You need quite a few more of those. I think you need at least one fabulous dress for every month of the year. Female: Since the introduction of her label, Reece has gone on to add two more lines to her brand, Plenty by Tracy Reese which is a more adventurous line featuring her famous detailing and Frock, an easy going line that could make that change from day to night all them more enjoyable with outfits to suit all occasions. Now a Board Member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Reese has become known for her freely dresses imprints her eye for detail and use of color and knowledge of material continuing to make elegant creations that women adore. In early 2007, she had one of the most talked about fall collections of New York Fashion Week. She showed lots of shorter lengths and refreshing silhouettes giving it a modern touch with lean dresses as well as trapeze dresses. Having become known for her feminine and flirty dresses, she thinks this is something that every women should have in their closet and in addition to being an industry darling, Reese is also a celebrity favorite with many stars attending her shows such as singer Alicia Keys and Kelly Roland. Actress Hanson also admires Reese’s work having worn one of her gowns to the Palm Springs International Film Festival gala and it wasn’t necessarily just the look of the dress. Hanson also went for the comfort factor. In early 2008, Reese turned now to decidedly lady like collection, lady like but with edge. Choosing bright colors asymmetrical details and the mix of unexpected prints for her four collection. Pants and below the knee skirt were prevalent as well as dresses which included a draped neckline in a light blue abstract rose print. She also mixed floral patterns with paisleys and paisleys with animal prints. She continued to use floral prints in her spring collection which she previewed at New York Fashion Week aiming to tell the story of garden fantasy. Her collection was a color explosion, however, she toned it down slightly for her runway finale with a pale oleander rose print used for a one shoulder sleek dress covered with appliquéd flowers. For her fall and winter 2009 collection, Reese opted to use metallic colors however it still have that touch of femininity that has made her so popular over the years. Since the beginning she has consistently pleased lovers of fashion with her use of bright colors, distinct prints and patterns that have such intricate detailing which have gained her much attention and put her in the fashion spotlight. Having created a look of her own, a vintage yet modern clothing is now sold in the world’s top stores such as Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus and Tracy Reese work are strong following is certainly set to continue her journey as one of the fashion industry’s top designers.