Toys With a Long Shelf Life
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In this video, parenting educator Dr. Rene Hackney addresses toy safety and guidelines for choosing toys well. Learn how to use blocks to teach your kids math.


Host: What should parents consider when looking for toys with a long shelf life? Rene Hackney: Looking for the longest shelf life for your toys, things that children will come back to overtime are looking for multiuse. Things like blocks and balls where children can use them in a wide variety of ways with a set of blocks, when they are little, they might just stack them as they grow bigger they might build buildings, as they grow even bigger it might expand in the whole cities and so there is a real wide variety of ways to use those blocks. As they get older you might incorporate the blocks into your math and into learning about math and proportions and the fractions of things. Looking at multiuse also, looking at multiage, things that children can use when they are two, and use when they are six, things like art supplies where kids can use them when they are really young and then they just use them in more evolved ways as they grow.