Toys of the Year for Girls and Boys
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Yes! Justin doll could be Toy of the Year, as crowds gather to choose the toy of the year for girls and toy of the year for boys.


Toys of the Year for Girls and Boys Today, I'm availing these hot toys of the year that families can actually vote for the Toy of the Year Award at We have our theme girls of all ages really excited about these dolls and were released within the last few weeks. And you're seeing girls six and seven even girls in college are really asking for these for the holidays. So these are just one of the toys that are nominated in the Girl Toy of the Year Award Category this year. Video, Barbie is really; really fun, also, this Sing-A-Ma-Jigs. They play together, they sing together. Zoobles are the next take on the popular boy brand Bakugan so they are really hard to find in the stores. Squinkies is another runaway head. Toy Story 3 is huge for this year. We also have the SpyNet Video Watch which boy loves to spy. It’s all about role playing. Also the Stealth Rides from Mattel, they are the first ever remote controlled Corvette. It actually folds flat so the case is the controller. From Jack specific, we have real construction workshop and you feel it is not wood. It’s like -. No they won't get hurt and it's really all about role playing collections.