Tornadoes Rock Several States, Worst Yet To Come?
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Tornadoes have rocked Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky. Weather experts are expecting the worst to come in the evening tonight.


(Image Source: Huntsville Times )   BY JJ BAILEY ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN The central United States is being hit and hit hard by a series of severe storms and tornadoes. Massive twisters have touched down in Indiana and Kentucky, and more tornadoes are expected to touch down. Here’s MSNBC. “Southern Indiana has been there for the last two or three hours, just devastating tornadoes have moved through that region.” MSNBC reports the town of Henryville, Indiana took the biggest hit, having been rocked by a quarter mile wide tornado. That may be just the beginning. As the weather moves through the mideast, Fox News outlines the list of big name cities which are on alert. “And now, the cities that will be most prone to seeing severe weather through the evening, Lexington heading in toward Cincinnati, southbound to Nashville and eventually moving into western West Virginia throughout the overnight.” The region is no stranger to cyclonic activity. A fact that may have saved many lives. On CNN, Wolf Blitzer talks to the Mayor of Hamilton County, Tennessee town who says people in at-risk towns have done a great job of preparing. “...we are accustomed to that, the citizens take it extremely serious when there's weather advisories that go out. ... Because people do train for this and practice for this ... I think as a result of that today we didn’t sustain any fatalities.” And The Weather Channel is hoping by getting the word out early, it will stay that way. The channel has put up videos constantly reminding citizens that the worst may yet be to come, and to stay out of harms way. “A lot of this is going to be overnight activity. So that means maybe it’s a good time for you and the kids to have a camp out in the basement ... Look at that TorCon value: nine. Folks you don’t see that value very often.” (AOC) The National Weather Service has said most areas threatened are at the highest risk between the hours of 4-8 pm. Stay with Newsy for evolving coverage of the story.