Top Worst Tech Gifts For Dads
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The tech gadgets you should definitely not buy for Dad this Father's Day.


Top Worst Tech Gifts for Dads Tom Merritt: Hey! Welcome to CNET Top 5 where each time we meet, we count down another hot CNET list. I’m Tom Merritt. It’s almost Father’s Day which means you are maybe tempted to go out and give to your old Dad a high tech gift. Wait! Before you do, we need to tell you something. Actually, we need to count something down. These are the Top 5 Worst Tech Gifts for Dad. At number five is Philips Velcro Cable Ties. Never give dad a tie for Father’s Day, even a cable tie even if they’re multi-colored and only $3.00 a pack. He can buy it himself. Coming in at number four is a printer ink. Sure, it’s more expensive than buying Krystal or Gold Bullion but that doesn’t mean dad is going to jump up for joy when he open ups a blister pack of ink. Up to number three is a small TV. Dad wants a big TV, preferably a huge TV. Preferably, something twice as big as that jerked film next door has. Anything less than 32-inches will get you disowned. Sliding in at number 2 is the Wii Fit. Would you walk up to your father, slap him in a face and say “Stop eating like a hog and do some exercise, you big, fat tub of lard” because that’s what buying him a Wii Fit says. Before we get to number one, it’s time to give you a gift, another lame giveaway. Regular viewers know the drill here. Answer our question to this Top 5 at and you could win a Tebow hat, suitable for giving to Dad as long as you’ve also bought him a Tebow. Here’s the question. Bill Gates is probably the most famous Dad in the tech world. What’s his son’s name? All right, let’s get to our number one. The worst tech gift you can give your dad for Father’s Day. At number one is a Kindle filled with parenting books. Not only are you giving Dad a reason to be mocked at the club when he brings in the “reading” gadget but also, pre-ordering ScreamFree Parenting and the Complete Idiots Guide to Fatherhood will not actually help your younger sister out at all. That’s it for this edition of CNET TOP 5. Remember name Bill Gates son. Be one of the first 10 to do so at on the post for this Top 5 and you can win the Tebow hat and if you’d like the best gifts for dads, head to dad’ for the Dads and Grads gift guide. I’m Tom Merritt, see you next time.