Top US Runners Support Kids Marathoners
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Running legends Steve Scott and Ryan Hall, among others, took part in the Kid’s Rock clinic at a Phoenix elementary school. The program promotes kids running and fitness. Kids participating in the program will run a total of 26.2 miles throughout the school year.

Transcript Josh Cox: Coming out to Kids Rock means the world to me getting these kids off the couch away from the Wii and Xbox and these kids have run 25 miles so far and on Saturday the culmination they’re running mile and they’ll lock 26.2 so to run a marathon as an elementary school student is pretty awesome thing. Steve Scott: The main reason is childhood obesity so its about getting them active and not necessarily a race situation because when you have a race situation and you have someone that’s first and last and they’re last kid it feels bad about themselves or whatever so you know its more about just getting them excited about exercising and feeling what it feels like after you’ve exercised that euphoria that you feel and just you know teaching them how to be a part of their daily life. Allie Vincent: We’re encouraging kids to get out there and run for an hour, jog for an hour, play for an hour and each hour that they do schools out. Anything you can do as long as you believe in yourself you can definitely create it so I am excited to be with –Rockstar. I feel like a Rockstar. Ryan Hall: I love coming to these things where I get to talk to parents because I was there seeing at one point and when I look out over them I just see greatness in them and you just want like I just really want to join them. I went them to know that they can do incredible things you know. Exposing them to running in the fun way you know like for so long it has been seeing this punishment so there’s not fun and then the culture where there’s so much left stimulus out there for kids to engage in running doesn’t often become that like really exciting thing to do but when you do things like this and you get to inspire kids show him hey running is cool, running is fun you can be famous or whatever through running then hopefully you know you’re inspiring these kids to one day want to do that themselves and to at least adopt a healthy lifestyle. Participant: When I think about running is like we get to exercise, its healthy and its like really fun. Participant: It was fun running because I build up my muscle and I exercise because I don’t usually exercise because I sit around and play games. Participant: I like running because its exercise and it helps you keep healthy. Josh: Running is fun its something that can be great in the group with all the rock and rolls and all the different cities across the U.S they have this awesome opportunity with the Kids Rock Program to get the kids active. Get them excited and then go out and run with them I think this is the beginning of something special.