Top Three 'Must Haves' for New Baby
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After you find out your pregnant, you then need to register for new baby! The shares tips with The Go To Mom on what a new mommy will need.


Host: This show is brought to by Kimberley Clayton Blaine: Here is when you think you got over that hurdle of finding out you're pregnant you now need to register. Well, we're lucky because today we're meeting with Let's go meet Alley and Malesa right now and see what they have to say about your new baby and their needs. Well, we're here at the Babyplanners and they are here to tell us about the top three items for your new baby. Tell us what we've got here. What's our first? Female Speaker: Well, no matter where you live you need to bring your baby home from the hospital in a car seat Female Speaker2: And what better way to do it than a Graco SnugRide, it's consistently rated number one. You have to remember your baby is rear facing. We suggest you don't put anything else in the car seat other than what's in it that's the safest way to go. Female Speaker: And absolutely get your car seat professionally installed. Female Speaker2: No doubt about that. And then you could bring baby home to safety. Kimberley Clayton Blaine: And practice installing it before you give birth so you can remove it and bring it in and out. I know I have that issue. Female Speaker: Not as easy as it looks. Kimberley Clayton Blaine: Okay, you mush have baby car seat. Female Speaker: That's right. Female Speaker2: So now that you've gotten your baby safely home, the next thing you'll have to do is put them to sleep. We get the question all the time what should I put my baby in? We all know about swaddling but we recommend the Halo sleep sack which is basically a wearable blanket. Female Speaker: It's nice and soft comes in cute colors and baby can be put in there nice and safe and it's snuggly and warm and go right to sleep and they're kind of Moses Basket. Female Speaker2: That's right. With an inverted zipper, so nothing but soft fabric touches your baby. No worries and it's great for new parents simple and easy. Female Speaker: Now, that's your second must have item. The third is a bouncy seat and thebabyplanners always say less is more. So this one actually has very few belts and whistles, soft vibration, little bit of music. Female Speaker2: This is basically mommy time. There are lots of things for baby. This is for mommy or daddy when you want to put baby down Female Speaker: I hate to hold him or her all day long and you just need 5 minutes to do the dishes or make the phone call or take shower. Mommies for shower right here put he baby. Kimberley Clayton Blaine: We love the bouncer seat because for me I like the face to face time. They're singing and they're touching where they are propped up a little bit, so this was a life saver for me. Two thumbs up for that bouncy chair. Female speaker 2: It's a great one, must have. Kimberley Clayton Blaine: Well, thank you so much. We've enjoyed having you her today. Female Speaker: Thank you Kimberley. Kimberley Clayton Blaine: For more information you can visit but be sure to hop on over to the TheGoToMom website and watch some quick snippet parenting shows at