Top Ten Free Day Activities in Chicago, Illinois
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Join Trip on a Deal as they look at 10 great destinations in the Windy City to spend a day without paying a dime.


Luz Montez: This week on trip on a deal John Palacio: The top ten free things to do in Chicago. Luz Montez: Hello and welcome to trip on a deal. I’m Luz and John is on assignment the whole American trip show taking up great free options for Chicago travelers. John, what did you find? John Palacio: Thank you, Luz. We’re here on the Chicago River in downtown Chicago and it is the third largest city in America. It comes rather expensive but today we are here to offer you the ten best free things to do in the windy city. Number 10 there is nothing like sea in the city up close and personal and the best way to do that is go local. Luz Montez: Chicago Greeters will take with a free tour and you can select from more than 25 neighborhoods and 40 popular areas of interests including fashion, film, ethnic Chicago and public art. John Palacio: Get more information at Luz Montez: Number nine. John Palacio: Do you know that Chicago has the world largest indoor aquarium? Luz Montez: I did not know that. John Palacio: Well, visit the Shedd Aquarium to find out and its free and one of their 52 discount days which sometimes run for a week at a time. Luz Montez: The Shedd is home to over 1500 species of fish and mammals. You can see a diver feed sharks, race and sea turtles at the unique Caribbean great exhibit. Number eight Oprah Winfrey tape there show in Chicago you can call for tickets to live taping. John Palacio: Or going to but plan in advance and stay are not easy to score but they are worth it because there might a free car onto your seat. Luz Montez: Number seven. John Palacio: Something tells us it will happening at the zoo. Lincoln park so that is. Admission to the zoo is free seven days a week. Luz Montez: Had to the underwater viewing area to catch a glimpse of the swimming sea lions or take a guided of tour of the hundred of species on. John Palacio: Number six, once you explore the under sea world check out what's happening in the sky. Luz Montez: Visit the Adler Planetarium and explore the universe for free on discount days. Number five, Chicago museums, one of the most beloved and visited museums in the world, the museum of science and industry has over 53 days through the year. John Palacio: The art institute of Chicago houses the largest impressionist collection outside of the blue and a great armor and weapons collection. You can visit for free on Thursday from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m. Luz Montez: And on Tuesday you can gain free knowledge of Jewish history and culture at the Spertus museum from 10:00 to noon and again on Thursday from 3:00 to 7:00. John Palacio: Number four, in the heart of downtown Chicago you’ll find Millennium Park, a great stroll with its interactive crown fountain and a hugely popular Cloud Gate’s sculpture on SPC plaza. Luz Montez: Get a free 40 minute audio tour for your iPod at Number three the magnificent mile is your go-to destination for world class shopping, dining, lodging and leisure entertainment. John Palacio: But there are lots of free events throughout the year as well including light night in January. Luz Montez: Tulip days in April and May. John Palacio: Gardens of Chicago in the summer. Luz Montez: And the lights festival in November. Number two, looking for a day of serene beauty, the Chicago Botanic Garden is free for all, a 300 acre living museum with more than 20 different gardens. John Palacio: They have a beautiful Japanese garden offers some real icon to check out the Rose garden in season. And going on to number one, you can enter a world of colossal animal sculptures, bee keeping demonstration and a children’s garden at the Garfield Park Conservatory. Luz Montez: It’s often referred to as landscape under glass. The conservatory grows thousands of plants every year. Admission is free as are the various programs and exhibits. John Palacio: The conservatory also operates plenty of free family fun activities like scavenger hunts, story readings almost every weekend through the spring and summer. Thanks for watching over the windy city and check out our website for all the links of today’s featured stories. Luz Montez: Plus follow us at and tune in next week, see you again. John, are you ready? Luz &John: Trip on a deal