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Mother's Day is right around the corner and Molly Wood is filling in on a very special episode of Top 5.


Cnet Top 5 Tech gifts for Mom. IGN Molly Wood: Hello and welcome me to top 5 where every time you and Tom meet he counts down another hot cnet list. I'm Molly Wood though and I am taking over for a very special top 5 mother's day edition. I asked you all on Twitter and Facebook to tell me what you thought your techs savvy moms would like to get for Mothers Day this year. Now with your suggestions and a couple of my own, let's count down the top 5 tech gifts for mom. Coming in at number five, GPS, apparently your mom have a tendency to get a little turned around while driving, I am not saying I do that, but I do travel with at least two GPS devices all the time. At number four, everyone is in favor of a Flip Video Camcorder or any one of those little hand held digital camcorder because digital cameras are sold last year. This year mom is all about uploading her HD video clips straight into, obviously. Coming in at number the iPod Touch your mom's have expensive taste, but it is the pretty perfect gadget for entertaining both mom and toddlers, trust me on this one. At number two the Kindle 2 was a major mom's suggestion in fact one of you even said you mean there is something other than a Kindle 2; just make sure you also give her a coupon for several hours of uninterrupted reading time. Okay, but before you find out what else there is besides the Kindle, let's check out the best of the rest of the ideas you suggested for mom. All right its time to find out what you suggested as the number one tech gift for mom this year. At number one a digital picture frame. I agree this is a great gift for mom as long as you loaded up with photos before you give it to her, that's the key, trust me. And that's it for this edition on top 5, Tom Merritt we'll be back next week with another list and a price to give a way. For this week though your price is your mother's love. I'm Molly Wood and thank you for watching everyone.