Top News: Shooting Suspect 'Developmentally Disabled'
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Other headlines: Residents mourn Connecticut shooting victims; Two dead in Las Vegas hotel shooting; Egyptians vote on draft constitution.


(Image source: Hartford Courant ) BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN Here’s a look at your top news headlines from Newsy. Sandy Hook Elementary shooting suspect Adam Lanza was reportedly “developmentally disabled.” That according to his 24-year-old brother Ryan, who was initially wrongly reported as the suspect by the media. VIA BBC : “It is thought Adam Lanza killed his mother at his home before heading to Sandy Hook Elementary School where she worked, and opening fire on two classrooms of pupils aged between 5 and 10.” Friends, family and local residents mourned the victims in a vigil Friday night. Hartford’s WTNH was there . GRIEVING MAN: “Please do something in this country/ Please help us with the loss so that we can protect our kids, so that when they go to school, we can be comforted to know they’ll come home safe.” Another shooting at a Las Vegas hotel Friday night left two dead after police say a man shot a woman, then killed himself. WTVG has more. “Two are dead after a shooting that send people running from the Excalibur hotel and casino in Las Vegas. ... No word yet on what the motive for the shooting was, or what the relationship was between the gunman and the victim. The hotel casino remains open.” To world news, where voters in Egypt are casting ballots on a controversial draft constitution that has deeply divided the country — international observers say — especially between secularists and Islamists in the country. VIA Al JAZEERA : “The charter’s caused deep rifts in Egyptian society between backers of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood, and the generally more liberal secular opposition.” Stay with Newsy for your top news headlines throughout the day.