Top News Headlines: Dissident Can Apply to Study Abroad
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More headlines: French centrist backs Hollande; Argentina nationalizes oil firm; Seau’s family wants brain studied.


(Image source: U.S. Department of State ) BY NATHAN BYRNE AND HARUMENDHAH HELMY ANCHOR NATHAN BYRNE   Here’s a look at your top news headlines from Newsy. China says if dissident Chen Guangcheng wants to go to the United States, he can apply to study abroad through the usual channels.  The BBC explains. “The statement was issued after he made a plea to the U.S. congressional hearing to be allowed to move to the U.S. … Speaking on a mobile phone from hospital, he managed to speak directly to the emergency hearing in the U.S. Congress.” A centrist is backing the left-wing presidential candidate in France for the first time. Euronews reports — some call the move “groundbreaking.” “ … the French centrist Francois Bayrou says he’s backing socialist Francois Hollande in Sunday’s final presidential election round. The move is being seen as a further blow to the chances of Nicolas Sarkozy being reelected.” Argentina’s lawmakers have now approved the country’s takeover of YPF, its largest oil company.  YPF is currently Spanish-owned.    Here’s Al Jazeera . “President Kirchner promised that Argentina will once again by energy self-sufficient, arguing lack of investment by Spanish giant Repsol justified the state’s takeover of YPF.” The Los Angeles Times is reporting Junior Seau’s family wants his brain to be studied. Funeral arrangements could be announced for the former NFL linebacker today. Medical examiners ruled his death a suicide Thursday. Here’s CNN . " … doctors are still unsure whether Seau’s hard hits on the field led to CTE — that dementia-like brain disease caused by tough brain injuries that many football players face." Stay with Newsy for more multisource video news throughout the day. For Newsy, I’m Nathan Byrne, highlighting the top headlines making you smarter, faster.