Top News Headlines: Classmates: Romney Bullied Gay Student
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Rev. Jesse Jackson likens gay marriage battle to fight against slavery; Sony's record loss; Password Protection Act in Congress.


(Image source: Think Progress ) BY NATHAN BYRNE   ANCHOR CHRISTIAN BRYANT Here’s a look at your top news headlines from Newsy. Five of Mitt Romney’s high-school classmates tell The Washington Post the GOP presidential hopeful bullied a classmate. Romney apologized in a radio interview with Fox News — and said he didn’t recall the incident described here on CNN … “ … Romney and a group of his friends tackled and cut the hair of a fellow student, who was rumored to be gay. The alleged victim of the bullying incident, according to the Post’s account, cried and screamed for help.” The Los Angeles Times says the Rev. Jesse Jackson is likening the support of same-sex marriage to the fight against slavery. Jackson praised President Obama’s decision, but says he wishes Obama would have pushed further — for federal protection of all citizens, rather than leaving the issue up to each state. Tech giant Sony is reporting a record annual loss. Toronto’s CFTO has the details. “Sony has recorded its worst year on record taking a 5.7 billion — that's billion –– dollar hit. The company had a 10 percent drop in sales this year, moving fewer tvs, cameras, game consoles and computers.” New legislation would make it illegal to force employees to give up their social media passwords.  WRTV in Indianapolis explains the bill that’s been introduced in both houses of Congress. “...the Password Protection Act. It would make it illegal for employers to force workers to reveal their passwords. Discussions about the law started several months ago when more employers began trying to monitor private messages to limit embarrassing or damaging information.” Stay with Newsy for more multisource video news throughout the day. For Newsy, I’m Nathan Byrne, highlighting the top headlines making you smarter, faster.