Top News Headlines: Arpaio: Obama Birth Record 'Fraudulent'
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More headlines: Syrian defense minister killed in suicide bombing; suspected Nazi war criminal arrested; Mandela’s 94th birthday.


(Image source: Mediaite )   BY NATHAN BYRNE     The sheriff from Arizona who headed up an investigation into President Obama’s birth certificate says it’s, quote, “definitely fraudulent.” CNN has the latest from Joe Arpaio . “Members of Arpaio’s volunteer posse have been saying for months, they suspect the birth certificate produced by the White House in 2011 was a computer-generated forgery. And after completing their probe, they claim no doubt remains.” A suicide bomb in Damascus kills Syria’s defense minister. Sky News is reporting the brother-in-law of President Bashar al-Assad also died in the blast . “ … it shows us particularly that they’ve got people on the inside. The opposition have got people deep in the inside now if they can put a suicide bomber inside what is supposed to be one of the most secure buildings.” A suspected Nazi war criminal has been arrested in Hungary. WBNS reports . “Laszlo Csatary, now 97 years old, has been convicted in absentia and sentenced to death for his role in sending nearly 16,000 Jews to their deaths.” It’s Nelson Mandela International Day. Some are giving 67 minutes of public service in honor of Mandela’s 67 years of activism. Here’s Al Jazeera . “South Africans and people all over the world are celebrating the 94th birthday of a man who dedicated his life to fighting social injustice. These are pictures of some of the celebrations taking place in Soweto.”