Top Headlines: Zumba Teacher Pleads Guilty to Prostitution
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Egypt sees violent clashes over President Morsi; North Korea declares "state of war" with South; FGCU done in March Madness.


  (Image source: ABC )     BY ZACH TOOMBS     Here’s your top news headlines from Newsy. A woman in Maine has admitted to using her Zumba fitness studio as a front for prostitution.   30-year-old Alexis Wright pled guilty to 20 counts — down from more than 100 that prosecutors charged her with. WHDH reports the guilty plea will avert a high-profile trial that could have involved hundreds of videos and texts detailing the operation.   Wright could spend up to 10 months in jail on the misdemeanor counts. Her sentencing hearing is scheduled for the end of May — and she’ll be out on bail until that time. (Via ABC )   In the Middle East, clashes between supporters and opponents of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi have divided the two major cities of Cairo and Alexandria. Demonstrators on both sides hurled stones at one another Friday. (Via BBC )   According to Al Jazeera , Morsi’s critics accuse him of trampling on Egypt’s judiciary and shutting out more liberal elements in the government. Morsi was elected just last June.   And after a full week of more-aggressive-than-usual talk from North Korea, the hermit nation’s state news agency said early Saturday it was entering a state of war with South Korea. Though that hasn’t  backed up by any military action. (Via Sky News )   Still, U.S. officials say they’re taking it with little more than a grain of salt. A senior administration official told The Washington Post :   “Putting on a show is not the same as taking action … Describing the situation as akin to war is not to be remotely confused with wanting a war, let alone going to war.”   And Florida Gulf Coast University — a.k.a. “Dunk City” — is headed home after losing to Florida 62-50 Friday. The 15-seeded underdogs had captured national headlines after taking down No. 2 seed Georgetown and then San Diego State. (Via ESPN )   Stay with us for more headlines throughout the day. For Newsy, I’m Zach Toombs, highlighting your top headlines, making you smarter, faster.