Top Family Destinations for Summer Vacations
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Find out about the top family travel destinations and activities for your summer vacation, such as Walt Disney World and Walt Disney Land, Caribbean resorts or cruise ships.


What are the top family destinations for summer vacations? I think that when you look at family destinations for summer, of course you got cruising even though that’s not technically a destination. Is a great family vacation especially like Disney Cruise lines or carnival – and most of the cruise lines have great children’s programs. Walt Disney World and Walt Disneyland are always top attractions during the summer time to. First, it can a little bit crowded, you usually do a little better going in during the week versus several weekend if you can plan for that, but it’s still a really great experience for the family. And then you have fantastic family resorts in the Caribbean, like beaches resorts where you got your Sesame Street characters that are there. You got water parks on the resort property, excellent food and lots of entertainment. And plenty to do for the kids and then you got spas and adults only restaurants for mom and dad too.