Top Chef Show Padma Lakshmi Interview
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Better.TV's Rhiannon Ally talks to Padma lakshmi about her role in the hit cooking show Top Chef.


Top Chef Show Padma Lakshmi Interview Rhiannon Ally: Padma Lakshmi maybe famous for telling the Cheftestants to packed their knives and go on Bravo’s hit show Top Chef. But this beautiful host has a lot more on her plate than you think. She’s an actress, a model, a TV Host, a cook and a new mom. She’s a here in our studio giving us a little taste into her world. Welcome Padma! Padma Lakshmi: Hello. Rhiannon Ally: It’s so nice to have you. Padma Lakshmi: Thanks for inviting me. Rhiannon Ally: Yes, so we have new season of Top Chef coming up soon. Padma Lakshmi: Yes. I just filming and we’re cutting it together furiously, so that it can air for this summer. I think it’s going to be premiering in mid June. Rhiannon Ally: Yeah, can we expect anything new or different this season? Padma Lakshmi: Well, we’re in D.C. and of course we have a lot culinary experts on the show but beyond that we have a lot of people who wouldn’t expect. You know people who are indigenous in Washington, people in our political system. So that was fully interesting to have in the kitchen. Rhiannon Ally: Now, you’ve written cook books, you’ve of course have hosted the show. We have to ask. How do you stay so fit in trim? Padma Lakshmi: It’s not – Rhiannon Ally: You know they are food. Padma Lakshmi: It’s not easy. I keep trying to tell myself to take a little bite but you know can’t—you have to do your job which in my case means judging the food as well hosting. So you just try—I carry a jump rope in my suitcase and I try and jump rope, once I finished the show then I go back to the gym, then I really trying to eat healthy and very light and cut out all bad things like fat and fried foods and wine, all that wonderful things. Rhiannon Ally: All the good stuff. Padma Lakshmi: Yeah. Rhiannon Ally: So do you find yourself gaining a few pounds during filming? Padma Lakshmi: Oh, definitely. I gained about 10 to 15 pounds every time I do a season of Top Chef. I can’t help it. So I just accept it and then when the season’s over like I said I go into training mode and I make it up and try and lose the weight again. Rhiannon Ally: Now, we know you had a lot of acting roles. Is that something you want to do more of in the future? Which do you prefer? Padma Lakshmi: You know, I’m very lucky to be able to do a lot of different things. I have been in several films. I haven’t acted since I started Top Chef just because it was difficult with our shooting schedule and then the other stuff that I had to do to also go on auditions and if I would go on audition and say I even was lucky enough to get the role then I may not be able to do it because my—you know for my contract with Bravo, I have to be free to do Top Chef. But I’d love to some more acting and we’ll see. We’ll see—you know I was sort of reluctant to take on anymore at the moment right now. I think if I can just be a good mother and still do all of the work as Simon said I’ve already commit myself to, I’ll be fine. Rhiannon Ally: Well, we know you’ve taken on one new thing. You’ve actually partnered with Dial? Padma Lakshmi: Yes. Rhiannon Ally: Body wash, can you tell us about that? Padma Lakshmi: Yes, that’s actually why I’m here today. Dial NutriSkin body wash has been great. They sponsored my show but more importantly what they’ve done is they’ve help me with my foundation which is the Endometriosis Foundation of America. Endometriosis is something that affects 176 million women all over the world and I think Dial’s have been great because not only that they want us to look good on the outside, they really care about how we’re feeling on the inside and so they’ve made a very nice generous donation to the Endometriosis Foundation and if you go on to and tell us your beauty secrets every time somebody logs on does that, I get a dollar for my charity. So please, please do that. It’s very important by the time a woman is 50 she’s more likely to have a problem with gyne pathology than she is with breast cancer, it affects every aspect of a woman’s life and I really commend Dial for partnering with me on this. They’ve been great. Rhiannon Ally: Wow! A dollar for each submission. Padma Lakshmi: Yes. Rhiannon Ally That’s a lot. Padma Lakshmi: So please go to Rhiannon Ally: Thank you so much Padma and if you want to donate to Padma’s charity or simply get educated about women suffering from endometriosis. Log on to and click on the link.