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In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad travel to the ABC Kids and Baby Expo to bring you their list of the best new products and accessories for kids and babies. Items include the BPA free Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottle, a Blinxy pacifier, Pop Pals popsicle maker, a new lunchbox, and some great eco friendly products for children. From toys to insect repellent baby clothes to a baby diaper bag from Diaper Dude, the dads have got this baby gear covered.


Daddy Clay: Hey there! Welcome back to The Lab. I'm Daddy Clay. Daddy Brad: And I'm Daddy Brad. Daddy Clay: We're coming to you from the 2009 ABC Kids and Baby Expo here in Las Vegas. We've picked out a few of our favorite items. We're going to share them with you in just a second. Daddy Brad: Daddy Clay, these top five products that we've picked are those other than BabyBjorn. We excluded BabyBjorn products from this list. Daddy Clay: Obviously, they're on top of our list. And these are just some smaller things that caught our eye while we're scanning the enormous show floor at the ABC Baby Expo. Hundreds of exhibitors, thousands of products, and these are just a few small things. Daddy Brad: My first one, you know with all the whole BPA free talk going on, there's a lot of stainless steel glass bottle companies. I really like KleanKanteen stainless steel line of water bottles, sippy cups and bottles. Daddy Clay: Okay, this is going to be my favorites, Pop Pals. With the Pop Pals, you take your otter pop, your frozen treats, those long frozen treats, you stick them in the Pop Pal and then you pull the bottom of the pop out of the slot, and you just pull it like that and this pushes the pop up and gives a kid something to hold onto so they're hands don't get cold. Daddy Brad: That's cool. Okay, you know lunch boxes that have those plastic liners that get all gunk in there. This lunch box by OOTS, it's really cool design. And everything goes in the dishwasher. Everything. The whole thing, so no gunk gets down in here, you clean it and it's awesome. Daddy Clay: I like that. My kids lunch boxes get kind of crusty and nasty after a while. This is a Blinxy and it's just a pacifier, with a cool nipple. There are a couple of different nipples, different colors, and it just gives the baby something to grab onto. Just kind of an easy, new looking kind of pacifier. Daddy Brad: That's cool. You know, I always struggle about presents to get my daughter. But now I can go and get these Jamie Rae hats. This is a cool gift for a little girl. They've got all these crazy hats and I just kind of like this one. Kinda leopard skin with frills. And Ella loves to wear hats, so it's coming home honey. Daddy Clay: Cool. Okay, this one I think is a great solution to a problem that all parents have. It's called My Plate-Mate. It's basically just a backstop that you put on the plate so that kids that are learning to use utensils instead of just shoving their food off the plate onto their placemat or onto the floor, they kind of use this backstop to load up the fork or spoon and get most of the food to the mouth. Great if you're going to a restaurant, you're going out somewhere. My Plate-Mate. Daddy Brad: That's awesome. Okay, you know, this is brought to you by Pukies, that's the company. Insect repellent clothing for little infants. They can go out and put this on and then insects won't bite them. The chrysanthemum, the flower dude keeps insects away. It's awesome, Buggies by Pukies. Daddy Clay: Okay, speaking of natural and organic solutions, this is a really cool dump truck from Sprig that caught my eye. Basically, materials here are all recycled plastics and wood chips. They have a process that creates this really cool, plastic material. It's good to the touch, good play action here. Everything is recyclable and eco-friendly packaging. Kind of a cool little truck. Fun. Daddy Brad: All right, these are incredible. The Cozy Collection. There are little stuffed animals. They're stuffed with wheat and lavender, French lavender. You put them in the microwave for a few minutes, they get warm, you give them to your kids, they cuddle and snuggle with them, and the lavender puts them to sleep. And they're warm and cuddling and cozy. The Cozy Collection. Daddy Clay: ShutterBuddy. This goes around your camera. If you're taking pictures of newborns and little babies, they don't focus on the camera. They won't look at the camera no matter -- But this helps to attract their attention to black and white, high-contrast gets them. So you get these great photos of the baby actually looking in the camera which is very cool. Very nice simple solution to a problem we've all faced. I have a couple of honorable mentions. Are you done? Daddy Brad: Yeah, I'm done. Go ahead. Daddy Clay: Quick honorable mentions. One is in my house; my daughter's room is tiny. And she really badly wants a desk and I've been trying to find a solution for a small school desk and I found it. It's called the QDesk. It's a slightly bigger item than the things we've been talking about today. Small, plastic desk, it comes in cool colors. It's simple, it's recyclable and I really dig the design there. And I also want to give a shout out to the Diaper Dude. His new diaper backpack, very cool, excellent design, lots of cool compartments. I love the stuff from the Diaper Dude. Daddy Brad: I'd like to give an honorable mention to the Nathan's hot dog stand right over there. Because those hot dogs are incredible. Daddy Clay: Well, those are just a few of the smaller things we found here at the ABC Baby Expo 2009. Keep an eye out for some cool gear reviews from Daddy Troy. You can check him out on Ask us any questions that you've got about the products that we've featured here today or what we saw here at the Baby Expo 2009. We're happy to talk about it. We'll see you there at