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Learn which are the top 10 baby names for boys


Melanie Raposo: Hi! Welcome to The Pregnancy Show everybody I am Melanie Raposo. Now if you are in the process of choosing a name for your baby you probably have a lot these baby name books lying around. Well I have to tell you I have been going through some of these books and thee are just way too many names to choose from. I think you will agree that being the busy parents that you are, you don't have time for this. At The Pregnancy Show we are about simplifying your lives as parents. So I did some research last night and put together a list of the top ten baby names of 2007 for boys and girls and gathered some tips from the experts on how to pick the perfect name for your baby and doesn't meaning of your baby's reflect its personality. Well let's find out. Counting down the boys name at number 10 is Joseph, Joseph means "God will Increase" and some famous Josephs include Joe Pesci, Joe Dimaggio and Joseph Ratzinger the current Pop. Now number nine in our list the always popular Christopher which means Bearer of Christ. Some famous Christopher includes Chris Rock, Ashton Kutcher who is actually Christopher Ashton Kutcher and Christopher Columbus. Now when choosing your baby's name you also want to take into consideration the last name, you want to choose the first name that goes good with the last name, to avoid names like Julia Gulia and Robin Banks and for longer last names too short first name and vice versa. Female Speaker: So they should be happy names and positive names that have a good effect first thing was that we had to have a good meaning so that the meaning effects the personality of the child and we came up with her name we browse through a lot of internet based name directories and we came up with name and its called Shaznore (ph) and it means rare and exceptional line. Melanie Raposo: And number 8 on our list is Anthony which means priceless flourishing and I guess that name is suitable for these famous Anthony whose careers has flourished over the year such as Anthony Hopkins, Anthony Edwards and Mark Anthony. Now this next name I am sure we have all had at least one friend with this one at number 7 is Daniel, Daniel is God is my Judge and some famous Daniels include Daniel Creg, Danny Devito and Daniel Radcliffe. Female Speaker: When he was born and I looked at him and his hair was fair not like right now so I thought Leo like a lion's name. Melanie Raposo: Number 6 in our list is Andrew which means manly, warrior and courageous. Some famous Andrews include Andrew Lloyd Webber and Andrew Jackson is seventh president of the United States. Taking the number five spot is Ethan meaning firm and strong and some famous Ethan includes Ethan Embry, Ethan Hawke and Ethan Coen. Male Speaker: My first son's name is Ethan and I guess like most parents we got half a dozen names and we tried to decide which one was the best and so I just started looking up the name Ethan on the internet and I came up with I guess Ethan Allan, I found out that Ethan Allan was an interesting person historically so I thought that would be a good name for my son. Melanie Raposo: The next name in our list is a popular bevocal name at number 4 is Mathew meaning gift from God. And these next famous hotties are definitely a gift from God including Matthew Mcconaughey, Matt Jamin and Matthew Parry. If you can't decide between two names what most parents doing nowadays and combine them for example if you like the name Neil and Liam put them together and you get Neiam. Now at number three on our list is Joshua means a savior and deliverer, some famous Joshua includes Joshua Jackson, Josh Hartnett and Josh Duhamel. Female Speaker: Well her name is Titina and with her I came up it was in my dream actually my husband never believed it; I never heard of that name before and Amine there was a nick name for my how would you call that, my husband's brother it was his nick name so both the names they don't pretty much exist. Melanie Raposo: When you choosing name for your baby keep in mind that your baby is going to grow up and the name you choose is going to be stuck with them forever, so picking a name like Apple may be cute now when they are baby but when they are an adult and CEO of a major corporation Apple just doesn't sound very professional. Speaker: My son Nicholas was named after his mom Nicky and that's how we came up with the name. Female Speaker: There was a prisoner in Russia and his wife name was Avital and what does she do and she fought to get him out and at the end she got him out so lots of parents named their children Avital. Melanie Raposo: As we are near of our countdown at number 2 is Michael meaning who is like God and some famous Michaels include Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and Michael Jay Fox. Female Speaker: I named my children after my parents that had passed away it's an honor to do that. Melanie Raposo: If it's important for you to use the name of a loved one that's perfectly fine, just make sure the name is suitable for your child, if it's simply not a good one think about using the middle name instead. Well we have reached the end of out countdown at number 1 with though further do the number one boy's name of 2007 is Jacob. Yes Jacob is the number one name of 2007 and it means to succeed and it has been the number one boys name for nearly a decade. Now if you are looking for more great boys name and more baby naming tips, be sure to visit our website and also check out at the top ten girls' name of 2007 at