Today in History For Tuesday, February 12th
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Highlights of this day in history: President Abraham Lincoln and naturalist Charles Darwin born; The U.S. Senate acquits President Bill Clinton in his impeachment trial; Founding of the NAACP; Cartoonist Charles Schulz dies. (Feb. 12)


February 12th, 1809:(AP Photos)(NAT of Actor Sam Waterston, reading Gettysburg Address)President Abraham Lincoln --- who led a divided United States through the Civil War --- is born in present-day Kentucky.Lincoln, who opposed slavery, signed the Emancipation Proclamation --- and delivered the Gettysburg Address.Also that same year:(AP Photos)Charles Darwin --- the naturalist who developed the theory of evolution by natural selection --- is born in England.1999:(AP Archive Video / AP Photos)In Washington, the Senate acquits President Bill Clinton of perjury and obstruction of justice charges over the Monica Lewinsky scandal.(SOT of Clinton)1909:(AP Photos)The N-double-A-C-P --- one of America's leading civil rights organizations to this day --- is founded in New York City.And, 2000:(AP Photos)(NAT of 'Linus and Lucy')Charles Schulz --- the cartoonist who created Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the "Peanuts" gang --- dies in Santa Rosa, California. He was 77.Today in History, February 12th --- ___ ___, The Associated Press.(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE:-------------------------Mike GraciaVIDEO PRODUCER:------------------------------Ray BassettVIDEO SOURCE:--------------------------VariousVIDEO APPROVAL:------------------------------John CarucciVIDEO RESTRICTIONS:----------------------------------NoneSCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE:------------------------------------ b0292 --- Today in History for February 12th --- 02/05/2007