To Pee or Not to Pee in the Pool
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Urinating may actually be one of the least disgusting things that kids do in the pool. The question is, what's a parent to do? Teach the kid to haul out for every whiz? Or debunk the myth of the "special" chemical. We put the question to our panel of experienced parents in this episode. Do you let your kids pee in the pool?


Daddy Clay: Hey there, welcome back to The Lounge. This is the show where our panel discusses the controversial parenting topics of the day. Daddy Brad what are we going to talk about today? Daddy Brad: Daddy Clay, we are talking about, “Do you let your child go to the bathroom in the pool? Daddy Owen: My pool or your pool? Female 1: With my children, I prefer just not to know. Female 2: It is fine. I pee in the pool. Male 1: Drink that water to people. Go to the bathroom and they pee in the pool? Daddy Clay: I have worked hard to try and teach the kids that they have to get out of the pool to go pee like through the chainly fence into the parking lot. Daddy Owen It is a kind of like the guys in the military, do not ask, do not tell. Male 1: Kids do not pee in the pool. No way. Male 2: I am trying to teach them that it is very important not to waste that opportunity and to find one of the kids that they do not like very much and can go over towards them and that is where they should do it. Daddy Brad: I pee in the pool. I am little nervous. You know they got a new technology out there that you can put this in your pools, the chemical and when there is pee, it turns blue. Daddy Owen: The kids never even consider that other kids might be peeing? Male 1: No, we go to the ocean and the kids could pee in the ocean because, right because that is a huge volume and you can go over there to pee, no way in a pool. Female 1: They are being quiet over there in the corner. I do not know what they are really doing then. Nobody knows unless they will not tell. Female 2: It is so much, how to let the kid to get out of the pool. Why you are wet? Drop drawls and go. Male 2: KC is peeing in the pool okay or not okay? KC: Not okay. Male 2: Mother’s influence. Daddy Clay: Once when I was in the resort, I was feeling a little nervous and I am like the kids, just took up big, just a log roll and poop right on the steps. It started rolling. It started rolling towards the deep end. And I do not even know what to do. Then what to do?, Scoop the poop off the step of the resort before any other high class parent saw me but I just pushed it deeper and deeper and it keep rolling off the steps and rolling towards the deep end and then I was faced with the real problem which was now deeper that I can not reach with the thing. But now I did not want to put my head on the water. Daddy Owen: So, what did you do? Daddy Clay: So eventually, I beat the blow, I swim down, I grab it with my hand and I put it on the side of the pool. Daddy Owen: Which you would have said, beat the bullet. Do you pee in your own pool. Not like other people not pumping pools right? Female 2: Yes. Female 1: You rinse there for a reason right? I swim as long as they are going to protect us. I think it will be fine. Daddy Clay: You are a non-child bearing person. You should know, you should never get in the pool where there are lots of children because they are using that as their toilet. Daddy Owen: Children’s pee is just not a big of a deal. This is not someone peeing in the alley, this is not, you know a stranger. Daddy Clay: How is pee not a pee? Daddy Owen: It is a children’s pee. Daddy Brad; Yeah it is a kid’s pee. Never mind. Daddy Brad: When I am in the pool. Do not get in the pool? Just debate, we will continue to rage. We are just talking about Children’s pee and adult’s pee. If you got some fuss about whether or not, it is appropriate to encourage your kids to pee in or out of the pool, please drop us a comment. Let us know what you think. Thank you very much for joining us here on the Lounge. Daddy Owen: It is okay for a kid to pee in the pool as long as they are in the pool every time. Daddy Brad: Well, you are not in the pool. Daddy Owen: No, they are not. If you are on a diving board, in the edge. Daddy Clay: Would you set up like an obstacle put them to get over into the. Daddy Owen: With wings. You could be like make Daddy Clay go brown a ways on TV.